Tarotscopes: October 2017

Libby Ferris, 129 TCCS

Readings for the month of October are based on Tarot cards pulled for each astrological sign. To get the most of your reading, read your sun and your rising/ascendent sign. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can look it up here based on the time and place you were born.

If you read them all, you will see there is a common theme “Be here. Be now. Get out of your head!” We all experience similar things and just relate to that thing or things in different ways. Let this be a reminder that you are not alone in your experience, your growth, and your suffering. Reach out, talk to someone, listen, relate, or don’t and see what shows up for you.

The Tarot Deck used is Osho’s Zen Tarot Deck. The quotes I use in each piece are Osho’s interpretation.

I hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have you any questions or would like a more in-depth reading.

❤ Libby


Aries Oct.jpg

Now is the time to share your sweet juice! Whether you’re just starting to feel like this place is home or you’re getting ready to move to another, it’s time to share whatever you’ve been keeping in. “This sharing of yourself, this expression of your creativity, can come in many ways— in your work, your relationships, your everyday life experiences.” Spend some time with the kids when you normally wouldn’t, write a letter to someone back home, send something sweet to a fellow PCV (especially if that PCV is me). Whatever it is that has been on your mind, now is the time drop from the tree and share your inner riches. “Now is always the time and the fruit is always ripe.”


Taurus Oct.jpg

There is a vast energy reservoir available to you now. No planning or thinking is needed to access it. Take this month, this moment, to rest at this source. “Source is within each of us like a personal, individual sun giving us life and nourishment. Pure energy, pulsating, available, it is ready to give us anything we need to accomplish something, and ready to welcome us back home when we want rest.” Relaxing at this source, at this connection to Divine, will reconnect you to powerful potential allowing creative energy to flow forth from your center.


Gemini Oct.jpg

“The inner voice speaks not in words but in the wordless language of the heart.” The inner voice is one of majesty, one that is aware, watchful and accepting of both the dark and the light. Now is the time to tap into this inner voice. Maybe you’ve been hearing more than one voice (cause Gemini). These voices may be imposed upon you or come from within. They aren’t wrong or right, do not give them such power. They are just there. They are just reminders to seek the silence within. In this silence, you will see which voice is Truth. In seeing your truth, you can live your truth and transcend ALL dualities


Cancer Oct.jpg

Now is the time to see your cycles for what they are, habits rooted in the past. These patterns may have been acquired through childhood, parents, trauma, relationships, past lives…Wherever they come from, they have served their purpose and are no longer needed. Past Lives is a special card. A Major Arcana card, which is signified by the Roman Numerals at its base. The Major Arcana cards signify great change occurring. This change can be mental shifts or physical changes. Something is surfacing. And it’s okay. Whatever it is is here to release you. Release you from old patterns, old ways, and push you into anew. “This is a wake up call, the events in your life are trying to show you a pattern as ancient as the journey of your own soul.”


Leo Oct.jpg

What? A Leo Trust? A Leo not be in control? I must be crazy… I know… But do it! How freeing would it be to just be? To know you’re taken care of? Well, the knight of water is here to remind you. Trust. Without reservation, without safety nets, just trust. “There is a tremendous sense of exhilaration if we can take the jump and move into the unknown, even if the idea scares us to death.”
It may be scary right now as you don’t know what lies ahead, for your next year of service, or the next journey you will take…just know that whatever it is will be worth it. “The card gives a hint here, though, about what waits at the other end— a soft, welcoming, yummy, pink, juicy— c’mon!”


Virgo Oct.jpg

“This naked figure sits on the lotus leaf of perfection [Virgo], gazing at the beauty of the night sky. She shows that ‘home’ is not a physical place in the outside world, but an inner quality of relaxation and acceptance.” This life isn’t about fighting, planning, or forcing anything. Everything you seek is already within you. All you need to do is just be. Just exist. Relax into every moment, not needing to fix, change or plan anything new. Just be. The feeling is the essence of your eternal home. Savor it. Practice it. Allow it to grow and deepen within you. Then wherever you go, home will be with you. “Once you are clean and clear, you can see tremendous love falling on you from all dimensions.”


Libra Oct.jpg

The man in this card has no worries, no preoccupations, no fear for what’s to come. He is just at ease in the here and now. “The innocence that comes from a deep experience of life is childlike, not childish.” The perspective of a child is something precious, so pure, so rich in curiosity. It’s in the present that curiosity can live. We get stuck in our heads, stuck in ideas of knowing. When all we need to “know” is what’s in front of us. Be curious about what’s there. Look around and see something new, see your site new, see something new about you. What appears around you and within you when you set aside everything you think you know?


Scorpio Oct.jpg

To be simple is to be arduous, because to be simple costs everything that you have. You have to lose all to be simple.”
Step out of the drama this month, this day, this moment. Just for a second see what lies beyond that story that plays over and over in your head. Be simple. Simple and easy are not the same but the more you practice simple the easier it becomes. “Let yourself be softer and more receptive now, because an inexpressible joy is waiting for you just around the corner.”


Sagittarius Oct.jpg

The problem is in your mind. Whatever it may be that you find yourself coming to again and again is rooted in something that does not exist. Something you created to prove to yourself that you are not enough. “Whoever told you that the bamboo is more beautiful than the oak, or the oak more valuable than the bamboo? Do you think the oak wishes it had a hollow trunk like this bamboo? Does the bamboo feel jealous of the oak because it is bigger and its leaves change color in the fall? The very idea of the two trees comparing themselves to each other seems ridiculous, but we humans seem to find this habit very hard to break.” It’s your time now, their time later. Their time now, your time later. The ebb and flow of life continue as we twist it into comparison. We compare ourselves (or what we produce) to others and to our past selves. Whether you feel like you’re not doing enough or you’re doing too much or you’re not traveling enough or you’re traveling too much. Wherever you are, you are right where you need to be.


Capricorn Oct.jpg

You’re not one of the herd, so quit pretending! The goat-like nature of a Capricorn may fool you into thinking you’re one with the crowd, but you’re not. It’s merely something you’ve been taught to believe. “A personality imposed from the outside replaces the individuality that could have grown from within.” This card urges you to explore something new. Take on a new hobby, make COS plans you thought you’d never make, choose a new ice cream, anything that feels “out of the ordinary”. Step out of your comfort zone, shake off that sheep’s clothing, and allow the lion within you to ROAR!!


Aquarius Oct.jpg

Don’t compromise your truth. Aquarians are so good at seeing every side of a situation. Sometimes you may get lost in confusion and not know what to do. Don’t forget you. Don’t abandon your truth. “The compromise will be more dangerous, it will confuse you more because, made out of confusion, it will create more confusion.” Sometimes we choose compromise as a way to not choose any direction. It can be a way out of choosing. Take this month to look at where this may be true for you. See it and acknowledge it…because to recognize that you are confused is one step out of confusion.


Pisces Oct.jpg

What’s available to you now is like that of this childlike Buddha. What a gift. Seeing the world through this state, while reality as you know it burns away. As a child, it may feel scary to see the world you have yet to know. It’s not you that’s scared it’s only the mind. Drop the mind and all it knows and the fear will fall too, sending you into the world beyond the veil. “The awareness that is growing in you now is not the result of any conscious ‘doing’, nor do you need to struggle to make something happen. Any sense you might have had that you’ve been groping in the dark is dissolving now, or will be dissolving soon. Let yourself settle, and remember that deep inside you are just a witness, eternally silent, aware and unchanged.”


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