Call for RPCV Photo Submissions

Are you an RPCV who served in Thailand? If so, this message is for you…

Sticky Rice is starting a new photo feature called Throwback Thursday (#TBT), in which we will post a photo from Peace Corps Thailand’s years past every Thursday on our Instagram account (it will also be shared on our Facebook page and on the website). We’re calling on all Peace Corps Thailand’s RPCVs to submit photos for this feature. Your submission should include a photo with a brief caption, your name, group number, years served, and site location. There is no limit on submissions, so don’t fret over choosing the perfect photo, send them all! It doesn’t matter if you ended your service last year or 55 years ago, we welcome all RPCVs to contribute.

Submissions can be sent to Please write “#TBT Submission” in the subject line.


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