Office of Global Health and HIV Submission Request

Khao Rai Sub DaPepfar

Greetings from the Office of Global Health and HIV at Peace Corps/Washington

Are you a PCV or RPCV who worked on HIV/AIDS projects during your service? Do you have some captivating photos you would like to share? We would love to hear from you! We are putting a call out for photos from Volunteers and RPCVs with photos of their work on HIV/ AIDS projects to be used by our office and in the annual Peace Corps HIV Calendar. We are specifically looking for photos that fit the PEPFAR 3.0 approach of the ‘Right Things’, ‘Right Places’, ‘Right Now’.

What does this mean?  This simply means we’re looking for photos of you and your community working with target populations such as youth, people living with HIV, adolescents and young women and young mothers. It can be that shows an activity of you working with your community to impart skills knowledge and healthy behaviors through activities like camps, clubs, Grassroot Soccer, GBV prevention/ education or in-school programs or maybe you’re working to help mobilize your community to get tested, get circumcised or distribute condoms or engaging in cross sector work such as gender integration, malaria or nutrition initiatives integrated with HIV projects. Please include the relevant information in your photo caption.

Do you have many photos and aren’t sure which ones to submit? Take a look at some of our photo composition guidelines below to help you choose a photo or photos that would make a great feature photo for us!

Please upload your photos and captions to the Peace Corps Media Library. Further instructions can be found in your latest issue of Khao Rai Sub Da (8/7).

We accept photos all year long however if you would like your photo to be included in the 2016 calendar please submit you photos along with captions explaining the activity and it role in HIV prevention by September 12th . Additionally please be sure to include in the ‘Media Description’ a caption as well as the words ‘HIV Calendar’ so we can pull your photo out of the media library for consideration for the calendar.

What makes a good photo composition?

  • Shots that fill the frame with your subject.  Extreme close ups of someone’s hands or face or “wide shots” from far away to show the setting are both compelling options.
  • Shots with “props” to get the message across – AIDS ribbons, posters or clear activities etc.
  • Check the background for odd figures or stray subjects. Make sure the subject is not cut off and that there’s not an element interfering with the main subject.
  • Vary images by shooting from different angles. The subject doesn’t always
    have to be in the center of the frame.
  • Look for the light source. A photo may be well composed, but if it’s cast in shadow we may not be able to use the image.
  • Posed group shots are okay and occasionally usable, but we really need close-up and mid-body candid shots.

Technical considerations:

Photos need to be of the highest resolution possible, 72dpi minimum. Please refer to the attachments ‘Media Library Guide’ and ‘Rename Images’ for more technical details on uploading photos and naming your files.



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