Thank you, Group 130!

As the 27-month service of Group 130 comes to an end, we – Group 131 – have found ourselves reflecting on all that you have done to teach us, encourage us, and help us become better volunteers than we could have ever been without you. We have so many reasons to thank you, so many memories we will hold onto to encourage us to guide the next group as you have guided us.

Thank you, Group 130. We can’t thank you enough. Instead, we want to share with you all that you taught us.

So, here it is: the lessons we learned from Group 130.

To not take myself too seriously and not sweat the small stuff. (Full Disclosure: we all still don’t know whats going on.) Thank you for the unwavering support, the belly laughs, and the memories I’ll hold onto forever… DON’T LEAVE US!
– Bianca Henao

… to always look for the beauty and light in all of the challenges that come with PC service in Thailand. And a bunch of good recommendations for restaurants, cities, and public transportation routes 🤪
– Neil Pickus

The 130s taught me:
That I could do this, it really is possible.
That we’re brave and bold and strong to be here.
How to stand in front of a classroom.
To let loose a little bit, it’s okay to have fun here.
To be resourceful.
To dream big.
To lean into being uncomfortable.
To be determined and strong, to stand up for myself.
What this job really even looks like and means.
To set my goals high and expectations low.
To find peace in the changed plans, the unexpected cancellations.
The joy of two years well done.
Caitlin Navratil 

Where do I begin…From the moment 130’s started coming to our PST, all I could think was “Damn, these people have been doing this for a whole year?” They made it look effortless, even though we all know now how opposite from the truth that is. They gave us their time, their wise words, and their enthusiasm for the program. The most exceptional thing about Group 130 is their positive energy, because it’s contagious. It always felt like they had something motivating to say, which was what we 131’s were in desperate need of in Year 1.

My hope is that 131 can be the big brothers and sisters to 132 that 130 was to us. Thank you, Group 130, for being our guiding lights, our unwavering support when the going got tough, and most of all, for being you: The Dirty 130. Thank you for being so dirty. Truly, thank you for never showering.

Alright I’m rambling now.

– Emily Maginnis 

The 130s taught me that all of this is possible. They are examples of successfully putting one foot in front of the other. Thank you for answering our endless questions before we even got to Thailand, for listening when we didn’t know which way was up, and never not extending a helping hand when we reached out. Chohk dii naka!
– Natalie Heinitz

To serve with love and passion, but to remember to take care of myself too.
– Luisa Escaler 

The bond that 130 and 131 has formed is neither blood or water, but honey. It’s thick and sweet. We had to breathe unbelievable amounts of smoke for it. It goes well with THE TEA. We saw a lot of flowers together. [Pollination pun]. And finally, this weird little hive is full of absolute queens.

To everyone in 130 and 129, thank you. We are different cohorts, but I never felt that we were a different group. You carried some of us through our first year (some of us on a stretcher) with your guidance, your advice, and your love. Our relationships are about to change, but I promise they don’t have to end. I’m going to miss you (but damn you for making me cry at school.)
– Megan McNelis 

The 130s have taught me to thrive and survive. To find happiness in the small things, to push through the hard times, to keep fighting, to remain positive when hope feels lost, and to never forget the strength and bond I can find in my fellow PCVs.

Thank you to PCV Group 130 and good luck to all of you in your future endeavors. Su su naa kaa!
– Alexandra Wright 

…to remember to jai yen yen and enjoy the ride.

Thank you to all the 130s for your guidance and patience! We would be lost without you all!
– Georgia White 

…to take it easy and relax. Peace Corps isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be hard. Thank for showing us the ropes and hopefully we can help the next group the same way!
– Shannon Murphy 

…that service is a whole lot shorter than you think. Time flies, so you ought to make the best out of every moment.
– Chuma Osuji 

How to work and and play harder! Stay Dirty 130.
– Tim Feng 

They taught me to be brave and not worry about my Thai skills so early on. They also thought me to not underestimate what I can do in my community because every interaction with students matters.
– Emmanuel Vega Arreola 

The 130s taught me to “work hard, play hard” here in Thailand. That is, to work hard at site, and enjoy every moment of the time I get to spend with fellow volunteers. Good luck guys!
– Alison Reenock 

Always have a backup activity and don’t stress about doing everything “right.” Two years breezes by and our presence and enthusiasm alone is impactful.

– Logan Cox 

I learned so much from going to Lexi’s Leadership Camp in Trang, and was inspired by the teamwork between her and her SAO. 130s also gave some great advice about life in Thailand such as where to get the cheapest hostel prices!
– Eric Warshawsky 

The 130s taught me about grants, cool restaurants, and how to organize amazing camps. I learned that Matt Mikrut is the same person as me and loves songs that “slap”, Phil Hendrix is an amazing musician and values creativity above all, Triveni Rao has lived an extraordinary life and is incredibly easy to talk to, and Skyler Matthias has a ton energy and the discipline to work out at 6am daily during a 4-day GLOW camp. I enjoyed working with and getting to know each of you very much. Congratulations on finishing your 2-year service here in Thailand and I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors! Hope to see all of you again some day soon!
– Alejandro Grimaldi 

…to laugh that sheet off, have a good time, buy the ticket and ride the ride!! 130s taught me how to welcome help and love whenever I might need it. They taught me how to receive support, and connect on the most basic premise of simply living the same life. I feel lucky to have scratched the surface on getting to know a few 130s, and can’t wait to see where life takes the whole lot. Thanks for being the best. This will feel weird without you. Rootin for you guys, thanks for rooting for us!
– Sierra Drummond 

Live in the moment and appreciate everything, because it goes fast. Also – I have appreciated all of the extremely helpful advice online (FB, Line) and in person and their ease of sharing. I hope to do the same with the 132’s. Finally, I admire the openness and vulnerability of 130’s regarding what they have learned from this experience about themselves and others via FB, Sticky Rice. Thank you so much 130’s! You really are a wonderful group of people.
– Kate Van Slyck

Thanks for the love, thanks for your guidance, thanks for the memories. We love you!
– Group 131 

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