The Quote Wall

Alexis Baker, 130 YinD 

My senior year of college, my apartment had an infamous wall, the quote wall. The quote wall was filled with ridiculous conversations that had occurred within my friend group. The funniest and most clever ones would be written up and displayed on the wall. It became a main topic of conversation and at many points throughout the year there would be competitions to see who had the most quotes up on the wall. My roommate, Addy, had the genius idea of putting the outrageous quotes on beautiful scenic backgrounds, adding to the greatest of the wall. Over my two years in Thailand, I’ve heard and been asked some interesting questions/statements leading me to re-create the iconic Quote Wall: Peace Corps Thailand edition.


To be fair, a 4th grader asked me this.


Said to me by a very misogynistic man.


Nope, I’m actually VERY VERY happy about not having kids.


Apparently people in Thailand think this is a thing we do in America. I don’t know where the notion came from, probably a movie.


Everyone tries to rationalize why I don’t have a Thai boyfriend.




I once had someone show up at my door with a bag full of fruit asking if I would go on a date with their son.


Personally I’m very satisfied with my life decisions.


Cheese is delicious and no one can ever tell me otherwise.


Honestly can’t argue, I’ve aged like 20 years in this country.


I simply asked a co-worker if they wanted ice in their water and this is the response I got. I don’t understand it and didn’t have the energy to explain how a liquid becomes a solid in that moment.


Bugs get a bad rep, some of them are pretty good.


I don’t know where to begin to unpack that one. I’m 99% sure someone I work with is involved in a pyramid scheme that sells “miracle coffee”.


Thai people are very superstitious, and I’ve heard this from a few different people. Still haven’t met my soul mate, or maybe I have and I just don’t know it yet 😉


Thailand I love you but I will not miss the fat shaming .


Possibly, but I am not willing to find out.

My time here has been a wild adventure and these quotes are just a small insight to the conversations I have had. Thanks for following along.



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