Snapshots of a Day

Bianca Henao, 131 TESS


Giggles, screams and K-Pop dance moves.

Holes in their socks, cute little shoes.


Sweat trickles down their brows and smiling faces. 

This is really my home? This is really my life?


The kids are teaching me how to play their version of chess,

I can guarantee I’ll be mediocre at best.


Chili peppers and fish, the Isaan way. 

Will I ever overcome the urge to reply “I-yung wa” to everything people say? 


Afternoon coffee with more sugar than caffeine,

If there’s one thing I’ve improved on at site it’s hygiene. 


Three showers a day to combat the heat,

Bucket showers have become a real treat. 


Night begins to fall and the lao kao is poured,

Who am I kidding, they’ve been drinking since four. 


Insects buzz near the streetlights, 

One falls in the sticky rice. 


Laying in bed protected by my net,

Makes a few calls home as though not to forget. 

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