It’s No Secret


Andrea Aribe, 130 YinD


It’s no secret:

I left everything behind.

It’s okay.

I am a survivor.


I made a new life.

I found love,

But it’s time to leave.

What do I do?


Let go,

Don’t look back,

And hope for the best?

Can I just stay?


On the good days,

I was happy.

On the best day,

I was the happiest.


But on the bad days,

I wanted to go home.

On the worst day,

I had no home.


I must go.

Everyone is leaving,

And love…

Is wherever they go.


I’m tired.

One step forward,

Two steps back.

When does it end?


I don’t know,

But it’s okay.

It’s no secret:

I am a survivor.

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