Thank You, Khun Anuwat

For the past six years, Khun Anuwat has served as the Program Assistant for the Youth in Development (YinD) program. Staff, PCVs and RPCVs would like to say thank you to Khun Anuwat for his contributions to the Peace Corps Thailand community. We wish you all the best in your next venture:


Thank you for everything you have done for YinD team and Peace Corps Thailand. I’m grateful you are in my life. I keep telling myself how lucky I am to work here with the most amazing teammate. Your help has made my work much easier and more fun. Thank you for always supporting me and YinD team. Your role at Peace Corps ends but you can still count me as your sister.


Pi Kaew

Dearest Khun Anuwat!!

You are so appreciated. I know the fluidity and strength of the YinD program would not be intact without you. Thank you for tirelessly working behind-the-scenes, and for picking up the phone when we call to ask silly questions. You will be so missed, but I wish you well in all that lies ahead! Good luck and stay in touch!

Poonam Benakatti, 130 YinD

Shout to Anuwat for always being on top of it when it came to one of the most important request a PCV can make..VACATION! Wishing you the best as you move on to the next destination!!!

Daylisha Reid, 130 YinD


Khun Anuwat,

You rock! You are always so kind and helpful. Thanks for advocating for us and being an incredible member of the YinD team!
Good luck in your future endeavors!

Alex Wright, 131 YinD

Khun Anuwat, thank you, first, for your dedication and years of service to a selfless cause for your country, the youth, and for us, the volunteers. I sincerely hope that whatever path you may find yourself on it encourages you to continue to have a positive impact on you, others, and life in general. I’d like to personally thank you for your support and professionalism throughout my service. Best wishes to you on your journey!

Bryan Buckler-Newruck, 130 YinD


Thank you for being such a great colleague and friend. During the past few years that we work together, I clearly see that you are very dedicated to your work and always support PCVs and staff in other unit, especially me.  You have been a great asset to YinD team and Peace Corps Thailand. Good luck with your future endeavor.

Khun Thanakom

We are so lucky to have had someone so dedicated working to support us during our Peace Corps service – and for doing so with such kindness and warmth. Thank you for everything you’ve done and know that your hard work is appreciated by each and every one of us. We miss you K. Anuwat!


Anna McGillicuddy, 129 YinD

Thank you thank you thank you! You’ve always been so supportive of volunteers and the work Peace Corps does. From your quick email replies to your constant presence at all our conferences, we’re all going to miss you so much. Hope your next chapter in life is as wonderful as you are! Chok dee na kaaaa!

Lucy Zhao, 130 YinD

Dear Khun Anuwat,

Thank you so much for all of your support over the past year. All of your hard work for Peace Corps and for the volunteers did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The YinD team was much better for having you and your next employer is lucky to have someone so amazing! Good luck with your new adventure and thank you for everything!

Georgia White, 131 YinD

Anuwat 1

Thanks for your calm energy and great support to our YinD program as well as other units in Peace Corps. For years, you help us plan our nation-wide journeys for more than hundred sites to visit so that they are well-prepared to host our volunteers effectively, provide support for more than hundred volunteers and counterparts throughout the country with your smile and your deep warm friendly voice in British accent that they will never forget and capture our lovely moments together in all the trainings and conferences. We always appreciated your amazing work. Truly happy for your professional growth. You are loved by all of us.

Khun Chaturon

Thank you for all that you have done for Peace Corps volunteers, especially for all of us in YinD. We will miss you so much!

Andrea Aribe, 130 YinD


Happy for your new chapter. Good luck and come back to visit us, will you?

Khun Phatthamon

Kun Anuwat,

Thank you, thank you for always supporting us. Thank you for responding to all my emails, taking the time to answer my (many) questions, and for handling all the details to make everything go smoothly. Thanks for helping prepare us to do our jobs well, and being there every step of the way. We’ve been so lucky to have your kindness and patience be our first point of contact, and we wish you well in your next endeavor. YinD will miss you!!

Caitlin Navratil, 131 YinD

Anuwat 2

Anuwat has been a valuable asset of Peace Corps Thailand. He is very polite and always smiles. I have never seen him getting angry or being outrage to anyone. To all of us, Anuwat is a great example of being JAI YEN YEN and super patient. He has strengthen P&T team in many ways on his own cool style. We are so lucky to have him with us. We all wish him all the best for his new adventure.

Khun Rumpai

Khun Anuwat,

I want you to know that I am very excited for your decision to pursue new chapters and the kinds of transitions that’ll come of it. I always appreciated the work that you did, and the support that you gave through my; and many other PCV’s service’s in Thailand. I felt the positive impact that you had on the YIND team, even if it wasn’t always directly. I’ve always had a soft spot for those that work a little more behind the scenes, because without your support who knows what kind of chaos would’ve ensued. Thank you for all the work and investment that you put into all of us, the projects, and all of my VRF debaucheries those three years. Your presence will be missed, but I’m sure your talents will help you flourish wherever you go.

Much love,

Danyal Eisenbrandt, 129 YinD


I will miss my colleague, my brother and best friend, but the beautiful memories we shared together will stay with me forever. Peace Corps Thailand was very fortunate to have you. Thank you very much for all you do each day to support the Volunteesr and Thai community. While it pains me to bid you farewell as you start a new phase of your career, I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors. Love always.

Khun Suthanya

Thank you for being the best behind-the-scenes guy the YinD team could have asked for! Whenever I wasn’t sure who to email about something, I could be sure that you would be able to handle a change-of-email address or a form or anything else this disorganized PCV sent your way. I think we could all tell how indispensable you were to the rest of the staff, evidenced in how quickly and quietly you would run from place to place during our conferences, organizing, fixing, and helping. You are so appreciated and thank you for everything you’ve done for us!

Katherine Gallagher, 131 YinD


It was the last day of a the Youth and Leadership Camp. No one had slept and a boost of energy was desperately needed. There was no coffee in sight and spirits began to fall. However, we forgot a superhero was amongst us. Anuwat went out and bought every volunteer coffee knowing it was what we needed to get through the final activities. This is a typical Anuwat action. He may have not been the one leading the sessions, but he was always there ready to help. He was a silent, stoic leader, and a crucial part of the YiND team. Thank you for your dedication and support of PCVs even with all our neediness.

Alexis Baker, 130 YinD

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