Kap Khun, Khun Wanthida

For the past six years, Khun Wanthida has served as the Programming and Training Specialist for the Teacher Empowerment for Student Success (TESS) program. Staff, PCVs and RPCVs would like to say thank you to Khun Wanthida for her contributions to the Peace Corps Thailand community. We wish you all the best in your next venture:

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It is very very hard to say goodbye to someone who has been working closely with us for a half decade. Someone who is not just a colleague but also a sister.  It has been an honor working with a wonderful colleague like Wanthida these past years. We have learned a lot from each other. PST is not easy for anyone neither PCT/PCV and staff. It’s tough and bittersweet for all of us. Wanthida has proved that she can do many hard things and always has presented it with big and kind smile on her face. Her wonderful creativities were precious to our success in training.

Mim (Wanthida), you may no longer be our coworker, but you’ll continue to be our friend and sister. Good luck with your new job! We wish you boundless success wherever you go!

Core Staff – PC PST TEAM

I couldn’t have completed my 3rd year without such a wonderful team. Wanthida was my support, mentor, teacher, and most importantly, my friend.

Linzee Prescott, 126 TCCS

Working with you and knowing you is a blessing. You inspired me a lot in so many ways. Thank you very much and I wish you all the best.

Khun Suthanya

From the very beginning of my PC service until now, Khun Wanthida has supported and inspired me both with her words and actions. She is a kind, gentle and positive person and I am so glad I am one of the lucky volunteers to have worked with her. I will miss her dearly at Peace Corps, but I know she will continue to support, inspire and lead wherever she goes. Thank you Khun Wanthida and chok dee na! 🙂

Nick Melrose, 130 TESS

Khun Wanthida – my forever อาจารย์ ! Thank you for your service to Peace Corps and always putting so much effort towards helping PCVs, I know you will be missed! And especially thank you for your friendship, I know we will continue to keep in touch! YOU ARE AWESOME มากที่สุด!!

Erika Enriquez (เอรีกัา), 127 TCCS

Thank you for being lovely sister not just colleague!

Pi Kaew

Warm is how I would describe her,

Always helpful and willing to lend an ear.

Never once doubting our abilities, or

Talking to us with a sneer.

Hilarious Kun Mim,

I can’t imagine Peace Corps without you.

Diligent in navigating our every whim,

Aggrieved, we say adieu.

Nhi Le, 130 TESS

Adjaan Wanthida, in reflection I owe you so much of my success and joy that surrounds my service. I can’t imagine a better start to my service than those first steps that led to your language table at the golden dragon; and by extension the beautiful set of friendships that came out of that table of guys. I know too, that I only got to see a small portion of all the time and energy that you put into your Peace Corps Career, but I know what this work has meant for you. I’ve always loved that you have such a big stake in this kind of work, and I know how positive and influence you are. Peace Corps was made better because of all that you contributed to it. Love you!

Danyal Eisenbrandt, 128 YinD

Dear Khun Wanthida,

Thank you for reminding us that we are seen, we are valued, and we each have something unique and amazing to give. Thank you for being so understanding, and for teaching us how to see the best in people. Thank you for working like crazy. Thank you for the years you have given the Peace Corps. I wish you all the best whatever you decide to do next. Wherever you go will be so lucky to have you.


Phil Hendrix, 130 TESS

Dear K. Wanthida,

Thank you for all your support throughout PST and into my service. You continue to encourage me through my difficult moments and challenge me to be the best teacher and person I can be. Trainings and visits to the Peace Corps office won’t be the same without you. Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavors and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things your future holds!

Sarah Achartz, 131 TESS

Khun Wanthida is a bright and shiny beacon who radiates positivity, laughter, and joy. On my toughest days in PST, after hard mornings of practicum or language training when the last thing I wanted to do was to go to more sessions, I would remember that I got to talk to Wanthida, and it would cheer me up every time. Even since the end of PST, she has been nothing short of amazing every time we have been lucky enough to see her. She makes us laugh. She makes us feel valuable. She makes us want to do our best. I am excited for her next steps in life, but I hope she knows this isn’t the end of our relationship.

Megan McNelis, 131 TESS

Thank you for all the good times! You will truly be missed.

Andrea Aribe, 130 YinD


Dear Kun Wanthida,

There’s no one else in this world I’d rather twin with! Thank you for everything you do and continue to do to make us all feel significant in this program. You are one of my favorite humans in this whole world 🙂 You are the heart and soul of TESS, and I’ll miss your presence so so much. We are all so lucky to know and love you!

Sierra Drummond, 131 TESS

K. Wanthida, where to even start!?! You were our North Star from the second we got to Thailand; guiding us through this craziness that is Peace Corps. Thank you so much for being a great trainer and an even better friend. I’ve loved being able to joke around and laugh with you and I look forward to continuing that (since you’re not dying)! I wish you the most luck in your future and can’t wait to see the life you choose to lead!!!


Ali Talwar, 130 TESS

Ali Reenock, Emily Maginnis, Haley Garrison, Kat Landry, Kate Van Slyck, Melody Emplit, Ngoc Nguyen, Nick D’Addio, Quentin Thomas, Sarah Achartz, Sierra Drummond, Sirintra Juntaralux and Tiffany Campbell, 131 TESS

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  1. Oops, I didn’t send my message in on time! So I’ll just add it on here… Thank you Khun Wanthida for everything that you did for us! You are truly selfless and have such a kind and generous spirit. I still use the notebook that you made for me and it makes me smile every time 🙂 Love and miss you! -Annie Grayson, YinD 127


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