Delirium Poem


Kevin Lentz, 131 YinD

Once you have read the poem all the way through, try reading only the first lines of every stanza all together. Then, do the same with the second, third and fourth lines of every stanza ⁠— it’s five poems all in one!

Time here is like some invisible bird that flies quickly by,

you can’t fail to notice its shadow.

It’s there, and it’s not, fast, but noticeably long.

Its impression lasting.


In the dull roar of my days here, I sometimes try to spot it.

Dipping, dashing, diving across the sky.

It’s a particle that always moves off screen.

Nothing but a memory fading.


When I catch sight of it my brain swirls with motion.

Up down, it swings until it is the sky.

The sky my spirit circles, gasping for truth.

The Sinai to my Moses.


Other times I look for it and despair because it left me.

But I’m reassured, it is the look of my eyes.

Nearer to me than myself.

Washing me of myself.

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