Mold, Sweat, and Bugs


Caitlin Navratil, 131 YinD

In the style of  “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss


Do you like mold, sweat, and bugs?

I do not like mold, sweat, and bugs!

Would you like them at your site?

Would you like them, day and night?

I would not like them at my site.

I could not like them, day or night!

Would you like them at your school?

Would you like them, think they’re cool?

I do not like them in my school.

I do not like them, think they’re cool.

I do not like them with my kao,

I do not like them by songthaew.

I do not like mold, sweat, and bugs.

I do not like them, that’s enough!

You do not like them, so you say.

Try them! Try them! And you may.

Okay, I’ll try them, I hear your voice.

Tell me this, do I have a choice?

Not really? Great.

Say, I guess I like mold, sweat and bugs!

I could stand sweat that’s in my eyes,

I could stand sweat that never dries.

I could stand bugs all over me.

I could stand bugs I’ve never seen.

I could stand mold in my bedroom

Actually, mold will always be too soon.

But while I’m at it…

I will try food I find absurd

I will try to remember that word

I will try to live by myself

I will try to ask for some help.

I will try to adjust to the sweat,

I will try to cope with not yet.

I will try to take a chill pill.

I will try to assume no ill will.

I will try to teach something good,

I will try to inspire “I could”.

But most importantly…

I will learn about me, all the good and bad.

I will learn about feelings I never knew that I had.

I will learn to be strong, I will learn to endure.

I will learn to face problems, heart steady, mind sure.

At the end of it all, I will hope that I’ve learned

The most important things cannot be earned.

The laugh of a student, the grin of a child,

Giggles and learning and growing in smiles.

So I’ll weather the weird, I’ll weather the lonely.

I’ll weather the ants, bugs, and spiders baloney.

Because throughout the weird and throughout the hard

The thing that grows most is my skeptical heart.

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