Caitlin Navratil, 131 YinD

Is this the honeymoon?
It feels too soon
to tell. I can’t tell
if you’re swell
or sweltering, but I think
maybe both.
Do I love you,
or do I have to
because I’m here now?
That’s the fear. Now,
I wonder how long
I can keep going on knowing
at home it’s snowing,
and there’s an oven waiting,
and I could be baking
and making more money,
but funny enough, I’d be bored.
I eat another plate of rice.
Wouldn’t it be nice
if I knew where to get
flour or beer or vegetables?
Am I losing weight
because of the exercise
or because “No thanks. I ate,”
is my anthem of late?
But then, I realize
how time flies, and I
feel like this is home.
Known, I smile at people
I’ve never met, and yet,
they know me.
My heart is full,
and my Thai broken.
Appreciation and frustration,
alike, unspoken.
I’m happy, and not because
I have to be.


Am I honeymoonin’ or homesick?
Hard to pick.

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