The Head and the Heart

Philip Hendrix, 130 TESS

Head: Okay, heart. Todays an allday teachersmeeting. You know what that means?

Heart: We have to do work all day, dont we?

Head: Thats right! No way were wasting time trying to figure out what theyre talking about. Lets write that Sticky Rice article, maybe work on a song or two, maybe study some Thai, maybe catch up on some EMAILS! Remember, this is the year of doing. This is the year you get super brave and productive. I heard that its gonna give us a sense of meaning and confidence and satisfaction and … I don’t know, feeling alive! Were going to be like Gerard Butler in 300, like, Madness? This is Peace Corps!”

Heart: Umm, okay Ill give it a try. (Heart starts writing article).

Head: Actually, maybe we should be listening. Maybe its important. Shouldnt you be learning Thai anyways? Lets close the laptop.

Heart: Well, no my man. Im kind of on a roll, so if you dont mind (Heart finishes first draft of article).

Head: Oh, I dont think anybodys going to want to read that. Its probably not original. Honestly, its a bit hypocritical. Are you really in a position to give advice anyways? Maybe we should keep our theories about life to ourselves until we actually have our lives together. Lets lets come back to it later. Wanna write a song? How about that old one you were working on? I have some ideas on how we can make it better.

Heart: Oh, um, okay yeah! I like songwriting sometimes. (Heart works on song for a while, gets to a pretty good place).

Head: Umm, okay yeah some of those rhymes are pretty tight! But I dont know about this one. We dont have a melody for the verse yet, the chorus is probably melodramatic and not that catchy, and the guitar is broken and dirty. What are you even trying to do with this music anyways? You want to be famous? My man, if you wanted to be famous you should have started a long time ago. Ships probably sailed by now. But I guess if it makes you happy and it makes people happy thats enough, right? Anyways, its probably time to do some real work. Weve got that urgent PRC thing that you should have done in the morning, weve got lessons to plan, and weve got a whole school year to be ready for! So, lets get to it.

Heart: (Sighs). Okay. (Does the urgent PRC work, waits until the head stops looking, and alternates between Bumble and sports news until the meetings over).

Head: Okay, were doing okay! Time to exercise. I hear the teachers are playing soccer on the turf field again.

Heart: Dude, thats miles away. We just got back from vacation, and I think Im going to get sick again. Can I just lie on this bed for a while?

Head: Haha so you can waste your evening on YouTube again? No way man, were better than that! Weve been down that road. This is the year we get in shape! Dont worry, your body will adjust. Plus, if you got on a decent freaking sleep schedule this wouldnt even be a problem.

Heart: (Sighs) I mean I do like soccer. (Heart goes and plays pretty badly).

Head: What is going on?! My teams playing like garbage. Were playing like garbage. Were losing to freaking children! Why do I even come to these things?

Heart: Forget this. (Goes home, eats, showers, hits up YouTube).

Head: Oh no no no. We talked about YouTube. Thats the one thing were not doing this year.

Heart: (Keeps watching).

Head: Hey! Turn it off!

Heart: (Keeps watching).

Head: Okay, one more clip and thats it, okay?

Heart: (Keeps watching for hours).

Head: Man, its late. Tomorrows the first day of school. Can we please turn it off?

Heart: Fine.

Head:Listen, Im sorry.

Heart: (Doesnt respond).

Head: Look, you worked really hard today. The article was a good start, you spent hours on songwriting and thats always time wellspent. You had that great idea for your English Club. You went out there and you played hard and you kept your cool. So, I just want to say I appreciate it. Thanks. Im proud of you.

Heart: Okay.

Head: Tomorrows a big day, so its get some rest. We dont have to wake up early you can set the alarm back a bit.

Heart: Okay.

Head: You know I just want whats best for you, right?  


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