The Story of Momeo & Psiliet


Psian Avilés, 130 YinD

If 472 days ago (thank you Lucy) you had asked me what I thought love was, I would have concocted the gay cliché version of Romeo & Juliet. Fast forward two bpit terms (school breaks) and a mid-service slump later, and I can confidently say that love is a unique and bomb connection between two best friends who make perfect night bus mates, become immune to each others sleep talk, advocate for just tuk-tuk (three-wheeled taxi) prices together, and through the sweaty and aircon moments, stick together like khao niao mamuang (sticky rice with mango). To be very frank, Monique a.k.a Momeo is absolutely amazing. She is my rock and the person who challenges me to become a better version of myself on a daily basis. She speaks my love language even though it sometimes feels like another foreign tongue she is still mastering. She has positively impacted my Peace Corps service and has made an everlasting mark on my heart. The woman that made all of my false ideas of what “love should look like,” completely shattered, and then, made all of my love dreams come true. We heal, learn and grow together, and there isn’t anyone in this dimension or world I would rather share this experience and my next adventure with. She is the honey in my daily cup of rose tea, the prik (chili) in my khao soi (Northern Thai curry noodle soup), the lube to my bike chain and my sweet love. I am grateful for her, and thank God we were brought together in Peace Corps. To forever and beyond Momeo.

Yours truly,


Psian’s story is part of a series about “Finding Love in the Peace Corps.” Along with Psian’s past contributions, check out previous articles in this collection.

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