Super Simple Abs Workout with Natalie

Natalie Garro, 129 TESS


Once again, we are embarking on a follow-up to my article: A Beginner’s Guide to Running. I’m not sure that sentence made grammatical sense. Anyway, here is a video and exercise list for my post-run abs workout. The routine itself is super simple, and it should take between three to four minutes from start to finish (if you don’t take breaks… BUT breaks are fine). Begin with sets of 10. Add on increments of five for more of a challenge; sets of 20 takes about five minutes.

Core Work (on the back)

  • Supta Baddha Konasana wide-leg, sit-ups (10 crunches, 10 micro-crunches)
  • Revolved figure four sit-ups, right and left sides (10 crunches, 10 micro-crunches)
  • Pinwheel crunches (10 forward, 10 reverse)
  • Scissor kicks in the air (10 each side)
  • Hip lifts (10 lifts)
  • Scissor kicks above the mat (10 each side)

Form Tips

→ Interlace your fingers behind your neck during your crunches.
→ Your shoulders should lift off the ground during your crunches and should remain lifted (not touching the ground) during your micro-crunches.
→ Pretend you have a tennis ball beneath your chin during your crunches; you should be lifting up with your chest and abs, not curling in with your chin.
→ From your pinwheel crunches onward, engage your abs so your lower back is not lifting off the mat. Your arms should be pressed in firmly against your sides.

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