Peace Corps Thailand Staff Yearbook 2018

Peace Corps Thailand Staff

Peace Corps staff has taught us so much from day one – everything from how to fix a flat tire to how to cope with loneliness at site. Their continued support has inspired and encouraged all of us over these past two years. We thought it would be fun to flip the table and see what they’ve learned from working with us during our service. – Megan Cindric, Senior Editor

I’m truly grateful for all the hard work volunteers are putting in every day (and some days are harder than others) in order to make positive change and create memorable moments in the life of their students, co-teachers, communities and themselves. – Kuhn Wanthida


I’ve learned that we have the same goal for making the world better for the youth regardless of our nationalities. I’ve appreciated that they scarify their hiso lives to bike without makeup, sleep on the floor and the uncomfortable beds in hot rooms, and do many crazy things to make Thai youth and community happy… Working through 2 years together, I have seen a lot of changes (in positive ways) in them and this is rewarding to me as I can ensure that we now will have many more good-hearted people to make the world better in anywhere!!! – Kuhn Kulpiphitt


First off, I have learned how and why to use Instagram. Maybe more importantly, Volunteers always challenge my thinking and perspective in ways that I know have enhanced my own life and work. When I see how Volunteers approach mutual support, diversity, inclusion, and their own commitment to service and social justice, I feel grateful to work with them. – Kuhn Kathryn 


How to deal with street Dogs: Always have foods or snacks with you so that you can make peace with the dogs when you happen to encounter them on the way to work. – Kuhn Anuwat


I’ve learned that being “direct” can help save a lot of time in my life. Just be direct with a Thai smile. It’s a perfect combination. – Kuhn Chaturon


I appreciate that PCVs never give up on their students. Also- although they struggle with many things in the culture and daily life, when it gets into their main work, they always put high effort into it. – Kuhn Chadchaya


I have learned how to be a spunky mom to PCTs during PST with no-husband! I have been very proud whenever I join their graduation of COS. Tears in my eyes! – Kuhn Rumpai


During the SFS 2018, I really enjoyed working with the Resource Volunteers Ray, Laura and KC. They are wonderful. They are good at communication, helpful, enthusiastic, professional, and well organized. They taught me how to work with PCVs and made SFS more successful. – Kuhn Pannathorn


I love seeing PCVs try to live their lives like a Thai, especially when it comes to eating. I’ve seen a lot of PCVs picked the rice and curry over western food during morning buffet. I also learned that some PCV can finish the whole big-size pizza. To me, it’s big enough for the whole family to share. I’ve been to America twice and realized that it was not easy at all to live in another culture. Kudos to you all for going through all the adjustments physically and mentally. – Kuhn Thanakom

I am continually humbled by the generosity of Peace Corps Volunteers (I am also amazed by their ingenuity). – Kuhn Gene

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