Returning Home


Halli Benson, 130 TESS

Working through a tough moment in Haikus

Staring at the tile
What do I feel or not feel
I guess I am numb

The river calms me
I don’t realize I’m not calm
What is wrong with me

I feel so loved here
Coming home feels like just that
But I’m still lonely

I’m in the backseat
The truck rumbles down the road
I listen, don’t speak

I tell them, “Thank you”
But they see pain in my eyes
Love sees right through me

I am so lucky
I have never felt so full
Lonely comes and goes

After a few days
I start to cry in my room
The cause is not clear

Today I am sad
Sometimes this lasts for a while
But at least I’m home

I don’t want to leave
I think of goodbye and cry
Tears for the future

So I will stay here
Two years, hugs, laughs, love, pain, growth
My tears won’t drown me

Neither will the rain

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