Thai Youth Theatre

2019 TYT Committee 


TYT 2019 Festival will be at Chulabhorn School Pathumthani on February 15-17, 2019.


Our theme is “Finding Neverland: Never Growing Up.” It’s all about imagination and being a kid. Students will be put into 4 groups when they come “Fairies, Pirates, Mermaids, and Lost Boys maybe Lost Kids to lose boys? .” so if they want to base their play around the story of Peter Pan they can or we can leave it general.

FAQs and Recommendations

You can bring up to 15 students and up to 2 counterparts. 

If you don’t know who exactly is coming yet, just give us as much information as you can guess and you can update us when you have all the info.
Ex: “Student #1”, Female, 10 years old

It is better to overestimate than underestimate for budget purposes. So if you’re unsure whether you’ll have 10 students or 15, just fill out the application for 15 students and update us when you have your final count.

We typically have students P4 and up but have had younger and they were great!

PCV does not have to attend but there (of course) must be CPs/teachers with the students.

PCVs, counterparts, and students all receive a TYT shirt.

Transportation Funding

It must be funded on your own (by Tessaban or SAO).

FoT may no longer be an option

PCPP/PCGO Grant is possible – must be applied for 8-10 weeks in advance

TYT Manual

Start prepping for Thai Youth Theatre festival by creating your own Theatre/TYT club with your students! This manual has a bunch of information about how to approach creating a theatre club at your school in both Thai and English.

**the outline in the manual says to start in June but that’s not necessary for a successful club. Many PCVs start their clubs in November after bpit term!

Preview of TYT


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