With Love: Postcards from Thailand

Once a month we like to share a story we find really interesting from a volunteer’s blog. This month we share one from Pineapples + Papaya

Morgan Kubishak, 130 YinD

One of my favorite things to do when I travel, is pick up dozens of postcards. A very rare few of them however actually end up in a mail box, but rather in a pile of souvenirs for a hopeful scrapbook. Somehow one of those piles even made their way with me to Thailand, including postcards from my family vacation to South Dakota over 10 years ago.

But post-graduation/going away party in January, I decided that once I got to Thailand I would purchase postcards and actually send them in lieu of thank you cards, and general greetings. Although tourism accounts for more than 20 percent of the country’s GDP, I’ve had a hard time actually finding postcards to send. So I’ve decide to make my own. In a series I hope to continue, I present WITH LOVE, postcards from thailand. Postcards handmade by me for you, each inspired by a uniquely “Thai” experience, complete with a backstory, and full of love. If you receive a postcard read more about the image and aspects of Thai culture here. Enjoy!

Street Market Egg Rolls

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