Laura’s Site Through Ray’s Eyes


Every volunteer has a unique experience depending on the location, religion, and traditions of their site. Each month we will explore a new volunteer’s site through the eyes of a visiting volunteer to show how similar yet different serving in Thailand can be.

Ray Kornegay, 129 TESS

Volunteer Visited
Laura Hernandez Figuero, 129 TESS

Volunteer’s Site
Nakhon Rathchasima. Laura’s site is close to mine.

Why did you visit?
Super Hero Summer Camp

What did you do in the community while visiting?
Several volunteers held a summer camp to include extra curricular activities such as acting, dance, sports, art. I led a watercolor painting and figure drawing class.

Describe the community.
It is a very rural community where farming is the life. The people are very welcoming and the students at school were very appreciative of the camp.

Describe where Laura lives and her host family.
Laura lives on her own. Her home is simple and beautiful, but what really makes it comfortable is its host, Laura. Laura makes each guest feel like they are at home. Laura has furnished her home with her own unique style.

Describe Laura’s school, teachers, and students.
Her school has about 200 students. Her Paw Aw was very supportive and helped in making sure our needs were met. Each PCV had a staff member to work with them, and some of the Matayom students were helpers.

What were some highlights from your trip?
The group of PCVs got to visit Phi Mai one afternoon. Phi Mai has one of the ancient sites in Thailand that predates Angkor Wat. I had been here before so it was nice to show my friends around.

I really enjoyed watching the students in my class create their own superheros. I was amazed at how they were really into it.

Laura is an amazing superhero herself. She is very organized and she has a talent for bringing different people together to use their gifts. Each PCV worked in a different activity to provide a super camp for the students. This happened because of Laura and her insight to create the camp. Laura is someone that I have learned a lot from and I really enjoy her style of leading.

What surprised you about Laura’s community?
Not a total surprise but it was very nice how the school staff and the students and the PCVs came together to make this camp happen. It took a lot of folks, but everyone put on their cape and helped make this camp happen. Many superheros involved.

We had a gallery showing at the end of the camp, and it was very encouraging to see many parents and family members come to show their support for the camp.

Explain the similarities and differences between your site and Laura’s site.
So our sites are similar in environment, both rural farming communities. Laura’s school is a little bigger in population. Laura’s village is a little more remote, but the culture is very similar to where I live. The villagers love having parades and parties. On one of the days we were there, a parade came by the house, and some of the PCVs jumped in with the parade. In the PCV community Laura is my superhero neighbor! She is a wonder woman!

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