3×4 Circuit Workout

Christina Beynon, 129 TCCS

This workout contains 4 stations with 3 exercises each (low, medium, and high intensity). Do 30-second continuous intervals resting only if/when necessary through the entire circuit. The first exercise in each station is low intensity, which serves as the circuit’s active rest. The second is moderate. The third exercise serves as your cardio and therefore should be done at high intensity.

Do the circuit four times through, resting for 1 minute in between (for a total workout time of approx. 30 minutes). You should be able to google most of these exercises if you’re not familiar with them. Or ask me! To ensure each exercise lasts for 30 seconds, I recommend downloading an app such as “Interval Timer”. It’s free, and you can program it however you want.

The basic workout is listed below with harder “level 2” options. If you’d like to substitute an exercise altogether, check out the “substitutions” list below for some ideas. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down. Good luck!

Station 1

  • Plank (level 2 option: plank march – move between a regular plank and forearm plank as quickly as you can)
  • Leg Raises, alternate legs with each circuit
  • Jump squats

Station 2

  • Wall sit (level 2 option: hold something heavy above your head or out in front of your chest)
  • Jumping jacks (level 2 option: star jumps)
  • Burpees, with or without pushup

Station 3

  • Glute bridges (level 2 option: place something heavy on your pelvis)
  • Side plank holds alternate sides with each circuit (level 2 option: add leg lift with upper leg)
  • Bicycle crunches

Station 4

  • Superman hold (level 2 option: pulse between reg. superman hold to more elevated position)
  • Side crunches, alternate legs with each circuit
  • High knees


#1 Substitutions (low intensity)

  • V sit up hold
  • Any yoga pose hold
  • Hold low pushup position on wall (level 2 option: hold on floor)

#2 Substitutions (moderate intensity)

  • Inchworm pushups
  • Bear crawl pushups
  • Frog jumps (two forward, walk back)
  • Sit-ups
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Regular lunges
  • Handstand hold

#3 Substitutions (high intensity)

  • Mountain climbers
  • Jumping lunges
  • Butt kicks
  • Ice skaters
  • Jump rope

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