Faces of Peace Corps Thailand: Lauren Cono


Artwork by Catherine Nightengale, 129 TCCS

Lauren Cono

Group: 129 // Program: TCCS // Age: 28 // Hometown: San Diego, CA // Site: Tha Chang, Surat Thani

Fun Facts

  • Through mediation I learned that my mind is always thinking of the future, so my goal in the new year is to focus on the present (irony intended)
  • I am a Tetris wizard every night on my phone – it helps me relax after a long day of performing magic in my community
  • Writing and receiving letters in the mail is my aphrodisiac
  • My daily consumption of fresh mangoes and Bah Bins (fried coconut patties) during PST was probably the reason my nickname changed from “Nok noi” (small bird) to “Nok yai” (big bird)
  • I overcame my biggest fear last month, and now I am certified to scuba dive anywhere in the world #faceyourfears


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