Faces of Peace Corps Thailand: Olivia Dawson


Artwork by Catherine Nightengale, 129 TCCS

Olivia Dawson

Group: 129 // Program: YinD // Age: 23  // Hometown: Ranchos Palos Verdes, CA // Site: Kuchinari, Kalasin

Fun Facts

  • There’s a photo of me in the battery pack of the mars rover, pathfinder… it’s a school photo.
  • I’m a welder back home.
  • I once spray painted all the picnic tables at my college with the outlines of formal dinner place settings.
  • One of the greatest accomplishments of my youth was winning the smallest frog trophy in an annual 4th of July bull frog race.
  • I once constructed a super sized 1950’s style, light up death ray for a music festival.


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