5 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

Olivia McGeever, 128 TCCS

1. Show Gratitude

Olivia Gratitude.png

“When there’s gratitude, there’s no anger, there’s no fear.”

– Tony Robbins

Incorporate some gratitude in your day. I keep a gratitude jar on my table and I scribble down daily what I’m grateful for and pop it in.

Meditate on it, send a letter/email/text to someone you love, anything and everything works!

2. Body Scan

Olivia Body Scan.png

The heat has me feeling fatigued 24/7 and the sticky rice probably isn’t helping.

Often when I’m feeling overwhelmed and irritable, it’s a combination of poor sleep, lack of vegetables and self-love! Take a walk, drink a smoothie and BREATHE.

3. Get Creative

Olivia Get Creative.png

I realize I’m plugged in all the time. I’m using technology in the classroom, checking emails at lunch, lesson planning and binge watching Stephen Colbert at night, and venting to my mom about not feeling “connected” (ya, duh). This is when I head out on a run without my phone, opt for my book or my journal and again, just BREATHE!

4. Count Your Wins

Olivia Count Your Wins.png

It’s not often we get real praise and validation at our sites. It’s up to you to remind yourself that you’re amazing and brave and you’re here and that’s outrageously hard, and yet… you’re doing it!

5. Compliment Others

Olivia Compliment Others.png

Raise up your people, think about the words you need right now, or the words you’ve needed at your lowest point and send them to someone you love. Remind the people you love why you love them and feel your heart swell.


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