PCV Thailand Horoscopes: June 2017

Marcus MtCastle, 128 TCCS

Hey y’all. Let’s do this. Be sure to check the blurb for both your sun sign and rising sign below. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can look it up here.


This month looks very cleansing for you, my Aries pals. With Uranus (lolz) in retrograde, this looks like a good time to review your friendships. This is a good month to think about moving on from unhealthy relationships with friends or maybe just some people that don’t bring you joy. Time to clean out that Facebook feed, y’all. After the 21st, focus will turn to your family sector and the time will come to take care of any unresolved issues or strain you have here. It seems like even though this is the beginning of a new school year, you’re going to be taking the smooth transition approach to it. Your job is not on the forefront of your mind and that’s okay. Your service will only be flourishing as long as you take the time to take care of yourself first. Do what you need to do so that you can come back swinging in July.

Tarot Card of the Month: Two of Cups – The Two of Cups shows two characters sharing with each other. It is a card of love and relationship. For some of you, this could mean romance is on the horizon, but it could also just be a positive relationship in your life. Stay close to those you care about this month.

Aries (June).gif


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Y’ALL. I’m seeing a lot of opportunity for learning this month. Often times that goes along with travel, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have the chance to go somewhere knew and the timing feels right, by all means, go for it. However, you could always learn just as much from staying at site. Maybe find a new bike route you’ve never taken, explore unfamiliar parts. Take that path you see every day, but never think to adventure down. You never know what you could find. If adventure is out of the question for you stubborn, comfy little lives, there’s no one stopping you from learning something at home. Try a new hobby, master a new skill or maybe even sign up for a free online class. The world is your burrito. Learn about it. (Sorry. That metaphor got weird.)

Tarot Card of the Month: Eight of Cups Reversed – A man walks away from eight golden cups and all of their bounty. He’s not looking back and seems determined with a goal in mind. Reversed, this card tells us that joy and even better rewards lie in our future. You may be leaving behind a lot, but something better is coming.

Taurus (June).gif


You know what’s up this month, Gemini. Take your leadership seriously and let your creativity flow. If people try to get in your way, you are going to have no problem getting around the hurdles they put up. Your confidence is high and this is a great month to put that to practice. Make some serious strides on secondary projects or building relationships. Whether you just started your first school year or you’re moving into your second, you are going to have no problem achieving what you want. But don’t let your communication with your counterparts dwindle because of it. We know you could easily get this done on your own, but that doesn’t mean you should. Sustainability is bringing others with you. So don’t make your coworkers follow you this month. Rather, help them keep up and walk at the same pace.

Tarot Card of the Month: Page of Pentacles – A young man stands in a field, observing a single pentacle in his hands. You’re in a pretty stable financial state right now, Geminis. Now would be a good time to think about why that is. Keep this train going. Think about the money you’re spending so you aren’t just throwing it all to Khao San like a wasteful farang.

Gemini (June).gif


You’re going to need to take a lesson from your Libra friends this month, Cancers. Balance is key here. Especially with work, you need to find the harmony between teamwork and independence. Both assertion and flexibility will be what help you get through this month. Hopefully, Thailand has begun to prepare you for this. There is no better way to learn flexibility than having a lot of experience with last-minute wat days. But now is the time to know when you have time to spare. If you’re drowning in work and someone tells you to get in the car, know when is the time to say, “No.” Spirituality also looks like its occupying your attention this month. Be sure to look inward as well as outward this month. Spend some time on introspection and reflect on what has brought you here. Maybe you could learn something that will help you now. Your month could be quite productive as long as you put the time in to make it so.

Tarot Card of the Month: King of Cups Reversed – A man sits on his throne in the water. He holds a short scepter in one hand and a cup in the other. This is clearly the king of the oceans. He is honest and understanding. Reversed, this card gives a warning of injustice and deceit. There is a person, possibly a man with a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), in your life who has been untruthful to you. Now is the time to reflect on that relationship and decide if it is worth the effort to improve or simply move on.

Cancer (June).gif


A lot of y’all’s (double apostrophe??) sectors are looking a little bare this month. This means that for the time being, you have a lot of the say. You have independence and the choice in direction. There is no right and no wrong, whatever you feel is what will be. Especially for you guys, this is fantastic. Y’all hate being told what to do, so run with this while you can. Your house of career is definitely the most empty right now. This would be a good time to pour all you have into work. You have a blank slate that you can do whatever you want with. Whether that means your job in Thailand or maybe even looking towards your future. You could get some serious work done in the professional development areas of your life. 129s, school has just begun, so this shouldn’t be hard for you. Throw yourself into lesson planning until you can’t lesson plan anymore. Drown yourself in sustainability. 128s, now might be a good time to get more detailed about life after Peace Corps. Venus is in a good spot this month, making your relationships mutually beneficial. However, many other planets are regressive this month, so now is not the time to make big decisions with your partner, or even start a new relationship. Keep it in ya pants, ya filthy animals.

Tarot Card of the Month: King of Pentacles – The king of the Pentacles sits in his throne, adorned with decorative clothing. He seems to be vastly wealthy and uses this to get ahead. This card shows great success in the realms of intelligence, business, and aptitude. You’re in a great spot for your work to be highly effective this month, Leos. Don’t let this opportunity slip by.

Leo (June).gif


June is going to be all about goals for you, Virgos. And we’re talking real goals here. Being the basic humans you are, formulating goals should feel better than just saying “goals” every time you see a picture of Ryan Gosling. But even better than forming these goals, you will hopefully have the courage and conviction to chase after these goals. You are definitely strong enough to step on your enemies and crush them if they get in your way. However, this is not always the right path. Sometimes the best option is to put on your best “I’m dying inside” smile and just work with the person who frustrates you most so that you can get through it together. Sustainability doesn’t come from doing everything yourself, folks. If it did, our jobs would be a hell of a lot easier. But I promise if you take the harder route with purpose, the end result will be so much more rewarding.

Tarot Card of the Month: Six of Swords – A man rows a small boat, carrying six swords sticking straight up out of the floor. A person rides the boat, wrapped in a cloth and sitting next to a child. They are merely passengers. This card talks about a journey. This could be an emotional, physical or even just metaphorical journey. Either way, June will come with new experiences and perspectives. You’re going to come out on the other side with a new understanding of the world around you.

Virgo (June).gif


Libras, I got bad news. This month is going to be a little lonely. I’ll wait until you compose yourselves to move on…. good? Okay. We all know your strong suits are your social and communication skills, but that is not what you should be relying on this month. Now is the time to prove to yourself that you don’t need someone else to be successful or accomplish your goals. You is kind, you is smart, you is important. You have the best judgment for finding solutions to the problems at hand this month. Trust your intuition and know that your determination and action will help you out. Venus, your ruler, is looking out for you this month to give you this courage. The people around you are going to see your leadership and give you the respect you deserve because of it. At the end of the month, I see plenty of opportunity for travel and letting loose if everything goes right.

Tarot Card of the Month: The High Priestess – The High Priestess is a silent genius. She rules over the moon. She knows justice, wisdom, mystery, secrecy. The idea this month is not to be in the spotlight. It is to do what you know to be right and accept not being given a reward for it. The High Priestess knows the truth and shares it with those that need it. No more, no less.

Libra (June).gif


This is a month of cooperation, Scorpios. This month, things might get a little heavy sometimes and you may need some help. This could be work related or maybe family as well. At the beginning of the month, you’re going to want to look inward and concentrate on personal growth. For many of you, health is going to be on the forefront of your minds during this process. Now is a great time to make changes to your diet or exercise habits to help your body feel the way you want it to. For those of you who are in tune with spatial energy tactics, now is a good time to rearrange your furniture. (If you weren’t aware, Louie is a master of Feng Shui. He could give you some tips.) Once you’re feeling clearer, turn your attention outward. Work with the people around you to balance out your environment. Reassess the work and family aspects of your life and make sure everything is where you want it to be. Let others boost you up and be sure to give them the same in return. Teamwork makes the dream work, y’all.

Tarot Card of the Month: Queen of Pentacles Reversed – The Queen of Pentacles is generous and secure. She has much to offer and gives it willingly to those who need it. (Not unlike Albus Dumbledore himself.) Reversed, the queen is fearful and suspicious. She hoards what she has as she is unclear whether the people around her are worthy of the gifts. You may have some trouble trusting the people you need to work with this month. Be honest with those people and work together to find a compromise.

Scorpio (June).gif


New opportunities and people are on the horizon this month, Sagittarians. You love learning and you love to gain lots of experiences. Strike up conversations with strangers this month. Take that for a new experience, daggonit. In order to talk to these new people, however, you might want to be able to communicate with them better. Academics and creativity are at an all-time high right now. Improve your Thai skills, make some art. Get weird, friends. Everyone you meet has something you can learn from. Don’t let those chances slip past you. Now with all of these new conquests, it would be easy to continue using all of your energy all month. Be sure you’re also taking time for yourself. Meditate, do some yoga, watch some Netflix and chill with yourself. Do what recharges you so you can keep that stamina going. This would also be a good month to put down the phone and maybe take a break from social media. Experience the world around you and stay present. Life’s a garden. Dig it.

Tarot Card of the Month: Wheel of Fortune Reversed – Contrary to popular belief, this has nothing to do with Vanna White. The Wheel of Fortune deals with destiny and prophecy. It’s considered very lucky to draw this card. Things will be working in your favor this month. When reversed, this card sees that abundance even more. Things are looking good for you.

Saggitarius (June).gif


This month is going to switch up for you halfway through. At the beginning of June, you’ll get to be your assertive, independent selves. You know what needs to be done and you know what you need. Do it. Get it. Live it. After the second week, the House of Others is going to take dominance and you’ll need to start focusing on other people’s needs. Be friendly, pretend like you like being around other people. We’re easily fooled when you flash us that mountain goat charm. This would be a good time to be looking for a job if you were in that situation. But in Peace Corps terms, this is a good time to be seeking out people who can help you complete secondary projects. Lots of networking opportunities to be taken advantage of. When you have downtime, hang out at a school or the anamai or even a random noodle shop. Find those people who can help you out and give them a taste of your employability. They’ll be begging you to be a part of your projects.

Tarot Card of the Month: Page of Wands – A man stands in the desert with a large staff. He has a message to bring. His clothing is a little odd, but people are interested in what he has to say. The Page of Wands is a stranger, but the audience he’s speaking to trust him. They want to know why he is here, where he came from. You are easily trusted right now, Capricorns. Use that to your advantage, but avoid crossing that line into abusing it. Be sure to follow through on the things you say. Accept their trust and cherish it.

Capricorn (June).gif


Most of the horoscopes for this month have shown that career will take precedence over family and home. So color me the least surprised when I see you weirdos are the only ones doing things the opposite way. Your happiness at work is going to be solely based on your emotional satisfaction at home. Got a beef with someone close to you? Squash it ASAP. One thing out of place in your most comfortable zone could throw your entire environment out of whack. Continue to make plans, work on projects, but be sure to put big decisions on the back burner when you can this month. Since you’re focusing so hard on family and others this month, it’s not a shock to hear that collaboration is going to be very important. This isn’t the time to make your own independent decisions, especially when those decisions are being made for someone else. Allow those around you to speak and lead when they need it. Give them space, give them love, give them power.

Tarot Card of the Month: The Devil Reversed – I don’t think I need to explain what this card looks like too much. It’s a friggin devil. He’s got wings and naked minions and stuff is on fire. There are chains involved. It ain’t pretty. Reversed this card shows its weaknesses. The devil can be petty and cruel, but it has its soft spots. This month, let down the walls and show your weaknesses. Be true to yourself with the people you love. Rather, spend your time defending them. Take care of those around you and those blind spots won’t seem so vulnerable.

Aquarius (June).gif


Surprise! You’re feeling emotional this month! That almost never happens! (Does sarcasm pick up over these things?) This is a good month to get your house in order, fishies. Domestic matters should be taken care of right now. If you’re dealing with family issues (American or Thai family) or there’s a problem with your rental house, get it taken care of. This is your top priority this month. To help you out, assertiveness and aggression are not going to be your thing. (But really are they ever?) Take the flexible approach and compromise. Others will be more likely to come to you if you seem easy to work with. Your imagination, however, is thriving right now. Get some writing done, bring music and art into the classroom. This is going to be a great stress relief and mental stabilizer. Use it to your advantage and maybe you can get a good lesson out of it.

Tarot Card of the Month: Nine of Pentacles – A woman walks through a vineyard in a long yellow cloak with a bird resting on her finger. Literally straight outta Snow White. It’s just as naïve as it sounds. This card deals with safety and prudence. The woman has made it her sworn duty to protect the garden, the bird and the nine pentacles at her feet. And judging from the beauty of the scenery, she has done well. Take care of what is yours, Pisces, especially with finances. We all know frugality isn’t your best skill, but try your best this month. That’s all anyone can ask for.

Pisces (June).gif


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