Off the Mat and Into Bed

Molly Vallillo, 127 YinD

It’s common knowledge that yoga is good for your health but what about your sex life? Regardless of whether you’re in a relationship, or just interested in exploring your sensuality, yoga has a lot to offer. Here are six ways yoga can improve your experiences in bed.

1. Focus:  Yoga’s meditative effects help you to calm the mind and enjoy what is happening at the present moment. Increased focus can help you to let go of your day or other mental chatter and be present during sex in a way you haven’t been able to before. Try silent or guided meditation for 5-20 minutes a day.

2. Energy: Yoga does wonders for circulation and energy, both of which are essential to arousal. The increase in blood flow will leave you feeling ready when the opportunity presents itself. Try cobra pose and bridge pose to channel your sexual energy.

3. Flexibility: This one although obvious shouldn’t be discounted. Regular yoga practice can help significantly improve flexibility. This leaves the hips more open and decreases the risk of cramping. With your new range of motion, you may just find yourself trying new positions in and out of the studio. Pose to try- Pigeon pose

4. Stamina: Yoga is great for building endurance and more specifically sexual stamina. Poses such as Eagle pose have been proven to improve sexual stamina and vitality with regular practice as well as decrease the chance of reproductive system ailments in both men and women.

5. Communication: It is the belief of many yoga practitioners that there are centers of energy throughout the body that can be stimulated from different poses. The throat center, or chakra, is responsible for communication and honesty.  By performing certain poses we can open the energy center and promote communication in our life. Throat chakra stimulation can help you be more vocal in the bedroom about what you do or do not enjoy and therefore increase your level of comfort and pleasure. If you and your partner would like to take this a step further try out acro yoga. This is when two or more people practice interactive poses. Because of the nature of the poses a great level of cooperation is needed from both partners creating room for clear and decisive communication, which will carry over to your sexual encounters as well.

6. Confidence: The physical aspects of any exercise can help you stay fit and therefore feeling good about your body. However, the confidence gained from yoga goes beyond a flat stomach and tone legs. Yoga philosophy encourages us to put in effort while being at ease. This translates to being satisfied with your ability and your body at that moment.  This type of confidence is not dependent on achievement and supports a positive body image just as you are. The confidence gained from practicing yoga helps you let go of the nagging thoughts and criticism that may get in the way of enjoying your sexual adventures to the fullest. Pose to try- Warrior

Check out Yoga Journal’s online pose directory for benefits and tips on each pose.


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