PCV Thailand Horoscopes: February

Marcus MtCastle, 128 TCCS

Sup peeps? Sorry for the hiatus. I wish I had a reason other than laziness, but what are you gonna do? Let’s just move past it. Hopefully, it doesn’t give you any trust issues. Anyway, I hope you had a great holiday season in good ‘ol ประเทศไทย and are preparing for big transitions ahead. ALSO, welcome to our newest อาสาสมัคร babies, the trainees of group 129! As always, be sure to check the blurb below for your sun sign as well as your rising sign for added clarity on any specific situation. If you don’t know your rising (ascendant) sign, you can find it here. Now, on to the good stuff.


Y’all. You’re gonna get down to business this month. Everything I’m seeing this month is about ambitions and goals. And as we know, you always have enough fire to motivate yourself. Get rid of those insecurities and strive for what you want. Your endurance and energy will be met with very good luck. Now, with all of this great energy, it’s going to be very easy to keep on the move. However, you’ll definitely regret that come March when the sun moves on and your energy drops down. Take some time to stop and smell the roses. Appreciate where you are and take pride in the work you do. Around the 13th, you may be full of ideas and brainstorming your life away. Planning camps, lesson plans, trips, you name it, you have plenty of things going on in your head. You’re a giant spider web of thoughts and you’re not sure how to keep it all under control. No worries. Find a habit in writing this month. Make things concise and legible. Help out your future self a bit. Motivation is good, but exhaustion is dumb.



This month may start a bit slow for you, you slow moving bulls. Whether you woke up on the wrong side of the mosquito net or someone is constantly going against you, you may begin your month a little frazzled. If you’re being opposed, someone clearly doesn’t know how well you can push back. As easy as it is for you to get defensive, now might be a good time to dial it down a little. If you’re feeling short with people, try to give others the benefit of the doubt from time to time. Take a breather and approach the situation from a different perspective. Practice some meditation, buy some kanoms, do whatever will help you get through the frustrating days. When things start to pick up towards the middle of the month, you’ll be able to relax and go with the flow more. It looks like February is going to be a very reflective month for you, Taurus. Get in touch with yourself and remind yourself why you’re here. If you may be feeling homesick or overworked, try to re-focus on your goals. Prove to yourself that you are where you are supposed to be. And take the initiative to make the necessary changes when you find them.



With the sun moving into Aquarius this month, you are really going to be in tune with your brain. No second guessing yourself, no stumbling over words. Mercury retrograde is a thing of the past and you know what the hell is up, daggone it. Let this be your confidence boost for the month. Speak up and speak out. Say what’s on your mind and others will listen. You have the ability to command a room. Let this month be the month to use that ability for the greater good. This confidence and way with words could work very well in your love life as well, Geminis. Go out there and be a regular jao-chuu. It could be quite beneficial for you. Benefits are going to be in their prime around the 12th and you’ll be ready to reap them in. Don’t be afraid to get what you want. After all this goodness, the 19th will be about the time to calm it down. You will have been going strong for almost three weeks. Feel free to take a breather and save whatever energy you have for March. Go get ‘em, kid.



You have a pretty introverted month coming up, Cancers. Which, usually isn’t a bad thing for you. Usually keeping to yourself feels good, but make sure you’re using this time to plan and prepare rather than lazing and eating pounds of roti. Be productive with your alone time. You’ll thank yourself later. When you do interact with others, you’re going to have little patience for surface level relationships. Don’t be afraid to dig deep. This world needs more of that anyway. Keep close to the important people in your life and let them know you care about them. Jupiter’s luck will make sure that’s received well for you. As far as work goes, you’re feeling lucky there too. People will notice this productive burst of creative energy you got going for you and you will be praised for your good work. Just be sure not to bite off more than you can chew. Keep it slow, boo boo.



The eclipses this month may be making you a little stir-crazy, Leos. The solar eclipse has you wanting to start something new and the lunar eclipse has you wanting to change your personal image to better reflect the inside. Luckily, you have people around to support you and help you along the way. Get motivated. Move out of your comfort zone and try some new things. Find the change you crave. Maybe that’s exploring a new place at site, hanging out with someone you hadn’t thought to lean on before, maybe even trying a new food. Anything that will help you feel more comfortable with where and who you are. Venus and Mars are here to help you this month. Be fearless and open to anything that shows itself to you.



Jupiter’s retrograde has you feeling more focused and sharp than usual this month. This is especially helpful for you 127s that are close to being finished with your work in Thailand. It’ll give you that extra push to keep your spirits up and do what you need to do to end your service on a high note. Lean into this motivation and allow it to control you this month. This motivation will spill over into your personal life as well. With the lunar eclipse on the 10th, make sure you take time to pay attention to your spiritual and emotional health. Purge your life of all those people who aren’t good for you anymore. You’re seeing people in a different light now. Ain’t nobody got time for superficial connections. If they don’t appreciate you for who you are, they’re purge worthy. Not like actual purge where you murder them. I want to be quite clear about that. (Sorry Allie)



Congratulations, Libras. Relationships, your favorite thing in the world, are in full swing this month. People are feeling pulled to be open and honest in their interactions with you. Be that comforting person you know you can be and support them as best you can. And since we know you’re all about that balance, let them know when you need that support returned. Because a mutual relationship is the only one worth having. This is a good time to see who will be the friend you need them to be. This is also going to be a good time for improving or beginning a romantic relationship. Put your main focus on partnership. Keep it light and fun. Don’t scare yourself with the future right now. Jupiter is in your sign until October, bringing you lots of luck whenever you need it. Keep your things in order and your head on your shoulders and things should go quite well for you. As it begins its 4-month retrograde cycle on the 6th, this attention will definitely turn inwards. It’s a good time for introspection as well. This February actually will be all about love, Libras. Live it up.



With the eclipse this month, the ball is in your court, Scorpios. You have the choice to be greatly productive at work or do absolutely nothing. If you’ve been working yourself to the bone for the last few months, ONET might give you a great excuse to give yourself a break and relax for a few weeks. Your counterparts will understand. They’re probably just as tired as you are. But if it has you feeling like you can shoot for the moon, don’t be discouraged to do so. Others will see your energy and mimic it. You have a great skill in getting others to follow your lead. Whatever you do this month, others will want to do the same. Know that neither decision is the “right” one. Whatever you choose to do this month, you will benefit from. Isn’t it nice to be in charge?



Sagittarians love to learn and create and share their experiences in both. The month ahead is looking to bring you all of those opportunities. 128s, there may be a door or two opening at work to show you the way to a great secondary project that both you and your community will benefit from. Maybe something you hadn’t seen before. 127s, if you’re not sure what road your life is headed down post-service, an opportunity you had previously missed may come out and smack you in the face. 129s, something is going to click for you this month. Whether that is through practicum, learning Thai, or a cultural understanding. Whatever the opportunity may be, don’t you dare let it slip through your fingers. Take it and milk it for all it’s worth. (Naaaameeaaaan??)



Things are about to get personal this month, Capricorns. I know you’re usually all business, but give yourself a bit of a break in February. Last month was about new beginnings and brainstorming. Next month is the action month. This is the month for developing on those new plans and thinking before you step. Your mentality is sharp right now, so you’ll easily be able to be as detailed as possible in the planning processes. Since work life is so chill this month, feel free to deemphasize it a little bit. Things will come together, I promise. It’s okay for you to take some time for yourself sometimes. Whether that shows itself through a trip or just staying at home, be sure to put the lesson plans down for a bit this month. Your mental health is crucial to your success in work.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YA WEIRDOS. Y’all, there’s a lot going for you this month. With the sun in your sign, as well as Mercury, Venus, and Mars visiting for awhile, potential is knocking at your door. Communication and learning are very high. This would be a spectacular time to pick up your Thai if you’re feeling a little lacking in that area. This also opens up your love life to some posivibes. You are feeling very in tune with yourself this month. Hone that energy into whatever is your favorite form of self-expression. Make some art. Do some writing. Whatever will get that beautiful energy out for the world to see. Take advantage of this great feeling while it is here and remember it later in the month when Jupiter turns retrograde. This will cue a time to slow down. Reassess what is at your disposal and plan your bpai-tiaos a little more sporadically. Readjust and make sure not to overwork yourself. Take the energy from the beginning of the month and redirect in inward.



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that we’re not the most naturally focused individuals. But this month is going to be an entirely different story. Your creativity is still on fire as usual, but you also have the attention span to pin those ideas down and make them a reality. You’re discovering new ways to save money and smarter ways to spend it, and that’s awesome! Keep on developing and write these ideas down somewhere so you don’t forget them. Keep track of the productivity that’s happening now so that you can continue to reap those benefits when the focus is dimmer. With the sun slowly inching towards your sign, events are clearly happening backstage. Take this time to lean into loving and healthy relationships and tie up loose ends before your new solar year begins. You’re feeling very connected to others this month, so be sure to revel in that love.


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  1. Thank you for the link to figure out my “rising” sign! Just spent the last 30 minutes rapturously pouring over its results in lieu of lesson planning 🙂

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