PCV Thailand Horoscopes: December

Marcus MtCastle, 128 TCCS

Hey friends!

I hope your Thanksgiving was อรอยมาก and your semester is off to a good start. This month we have a new moon in Sagittarius. This often lights the fire under your tush. Sagittarius motivates and ignites a sense of adventure. Do werk, y’all. Check the blurb below for both your sun sign as well as your rising sign for added clarity on a specific situation. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can find it here. Apologies in advance that I may or may not have lost my tarot cards in the clutter that is my house at the moment (cause Pisces.) I promise I will find them before January’s horoscopes. I’m doing my best.


Alright, guys. This year has been less than fun, but you’re gonna go out with a bang because that’s what you do best. It would be in your best interest to take advantage of the Sagittarius new moon while it’s fresh. Get your work out of the way so the rest of the month can be as sabai as possible. The last couple months have been all about relationships, but now it’s your time. Don’t let the h8rs get you down now. It’s time to reconcile the negative feelings and move forward. You could, however, be instrumental in helping solve conflicts with others this month. Bring people together and be the peacemaker you never are (You know it’s true). As far as your financial situation goes, you’re currently thinking clearly. Even if the funds aren’t there, now is the time to plan for the next year. Wait for that next VICA to come through before you start making it rain.




This month looks quite chill for you, my Taurus friends. Just in time for the holidays, you may be feeling sentimental. Being far away from home, that could be great or terrible. Hopefully, it’s the former and you’re spending your time preparing for a new experience spending the holidays in Thailand. But if this nostalgia has you feeling down, don’t be afraid to speak up about that. Talk to family, reach out to friends who can help cure your winter blues. Share your memories with your new Thai community and let them help you create new memories together. Sharing this time will be great for both you and your community, embrace it while it is here. Goals two and three are calling your name this month, Taurus.




It looks to me like y’all are going to be working it until the end, guys. The Sag new moon definitely has you in a mood to switch things up and do something new. Lots of new adventures are on your horizon and plenty of things to keep you preoccupied. We know how you hate to be bored, so we’re all happy to see you entertained this month. A cranky Gemini is an unhappy everyone else. The energy you have is contagious, so feel free to help give your friends the extra push they need to go alongside you on these adventures. This is a really good time to be inclusive. Extend your infectious excitement to all you can. Get party planning. Be there for your Capricorn friends who have their birthdays coming up this month. (Cause we all know any party they plan themselves won’t be good without you. Sry, Gifford.) At the end of the month, be sure to reflect on all you have been through this year. It’s been a good year and you deserve to celebrate all you have achieved.




This month you are going to be the mediator. You’ll be the one with the logic and clarity on all situations. Be sure to handle this position with care. When people come to you with their problems, approach them as unbiased as possible. Don’t let others draw you in with emotions. We all know your soft spots because you wear them on your sleeve at all times. Now is a good time to guard yourself for the greater good. The level-headed approach is what’s needed right now. The end of the month is set to be a good time for tying loose ends. Make sure you walk into 2017 with a clean slate and a good attitude. This month could be very busy for you as well with all of this business, so try not to overcommit yourself. Essentially, everything is relying on you this month, so try not to screw it up. No pressure.




This is a big money month for you, Leos. Now is not a good time to borrow or lend money to friends and family. If you already have, great job you done did the bad thing, daggone it. Be sure to keep track of what belongs to you and what belongs to others. Saturn squaring Neptune is aiming some bad luck your way right now. This could cause you to be the victim of an unfortunate circumstance. Be sure to take extra care in terms of preparation. This means backup plans galore, guys. This could also lead to disappointment in terms of work. Feelings of being undervalued and unappreciated could become an issue for you this month. On the other hand, with this stroke of bad luck comes a great intuition. Trust your gut this month. If something feels wrong to you, trust that. You’re probably right. Basically, this month I need y’all to be paranoid freaks. It’ll be fun.




Now is the time to show just how good of a domestic, party planning host(ess) you can be. Get your crowd-pleasing humor ready because y’all are feeling festive and social. Just in time for the holidays! It’s a good time for you to be productive towards the more fun sides of life. Put that organized brain power into making cards or sending gifts to either friends and family in the States or even other Volunteers. Coincidentally, it’s also a good time for your creative side. Venus is working with you HARD this month. So make those cards and gifts unique and homemade. Again, this is the time for you to get domestic AF. Now, with all of this creativity and social life and gift-giving, don’t forget that you’re on a budget. Keep track of the money you spend while you’re getting down with your bad self. (I’m sorry, that just slipped out.)




Hey Libra. I love you. You know I do. I know you need me to say it a lot. You’re great. Keep up the good work. This is the month for you to say it to yourself. I know you all need the compliments, you need the positive affirmation. But sometimes no one can affirm you the way you affirm yourself. You know what you need and you know what you want, so don’t wait for someone else to give it to you. Be yourself, go against the grain, do what feels right regardless of what others will say to you. This year has put a lot of stress on rediscovering who you are and you’re not quite done yet, so don’t slow down because a new year is coming. That’s just more motivation to work harder. Go the extra mile and get what you want. This is a good month to reflect and praise yourself for your achievements. Set some goals for the upcoming year and make a plan to keep yourself accountable. Are you a parking ticket? Cause you just got validated.




Sup, you dark sons a guns? You may be feeling very reflective this month. The end of the year has you getting nostalgic and idealistic for times ahead. The position of Uranus (lolz) is saying that now is a good time for volunteering, but, you know, that’s like your life. So good job! You already did it! But try to find time to do a little extra for your community this month. Maybe plan a service project with your students or help out at another Volunteer in need. Be sure to spend lots of time with others this month. Strengthen the relationships you have and be close to the people you care about. Even if that closeness isn’t physical. The moon moving out of your sign and into Sagittarius may draw you towards the water this month, Scorps. I encourage you to feed this desire. It’ll help you relax and get out of your head for a bit. If you’re up in the North or out in the boonies of Isaan, this may be more difficult for you. But when the opportunity arises, don’t hesitate to snatch it up. It’ll be very worth it in the end.




Happy Birthday, you little butt nuggets! This year has been really busy and ever-changing for you guys, so go ahead and relax this month. Spend your birthday doing whatever it is that makes you feel most at ease. Factor in plenty of time off to travel or just sit in your house and watch Netflix. Whatever you need to do to help you recharge for the upcoming year. If this month looks busy for you, don’t fret. Just focus and get your work done early so that you can rest easy for the second half of the month. Of course, with the travel and friendly vacations, it could be really easy to take that relaxation to the next level and drown yourself in Hong Tong. Make an effort to be careful with moderation in the midst of your time off. The new moon is in your sign this month, making for a fresh start and a clean slate, just in time for the new year. Take advantage of this freedom and come back ready to go in 2017.




You may be feeling very connected this month, Capricorns. The last couple months we’ve focused on your relationships and it seems like now is the time to be feeling the good vibes that come from that. Those of you with siblings may feel a stronger bond with those people this month. Reach out to them and let them know you’re thinking of them. Or maybe you’re having those feelings about friends that seem more like family to you. Tell the people you care about that you care about them. It’s never a bad idea. Many Capricorns have a secret talent for photography. Something about being behind the art rather than in it helps them thrive. Venus’ position is making this a good time to explore that more if you haven’t already. Show the world through your eyes. Turn pictures into holiday cards to send home, or frame a picture as a gift. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with your feelings this month, Caps. We love you, you love us, let’s all just be happy and love each other.




Hey you guys. So I know you’re super creative. And I know you love to give. You get people, gifts is where you thrive. December, people give lots of gifts.’ze broke AF. So calm it down. Take this time to let your creative side take over. Think of how you can show people you appreciate them without depleting yourself to nothing. Make cards, get crafty, you know what to do. You are a very intuitive bunch and are very skilled at seeing right through others. However, someone may have slipped past your radar and snuck into your circle without you noticing. While you’re appreciating those around you, take extra time to make sure those people appreciate you as well. You don’t have time for people who don’t care about you. Don’t waste your time with someone who won’t give back. You deserve more than that. Health is also something to look out for this month. Now is a good time to make sure everything is working the way it should. Check up on any issues with PCMO, refill your first aid kits, stock up on rehydration packets, make sure you’re squared away for this “winter.”




Oh man, little fishies. What a year it has been, amiright? Unfortunately, I don’t have great news that this month is going to be much better. In order for this month to run smoothly, patience and organization need to prioritized. We all know that is NOT our strong suit. This may cause frustration towards yourself and others, so take plenty of time to decompress at the end of the day. Be diligent in your work and make sure to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s before moving onto the next project. Now is not the time for rushing. Take a chill pill. (What is this? 2003?) No results worth being proud of happen instantly. Towards the end of the month, if you have worked hard and taken your time, so you should be able to relax and reflect on the last year. Think of how far you’ve come. Think of the growth you’ve made. You will make it farther. You will grow even more. Set goals so you know what to strive for. If the end is in sight, you will definitely reach it. You have a great support network around you. Be courageous and fight for it.




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