The Road to Khon Kaen: Where to Stay

 Ty Miranda, 127 YinD

For those of you who already bought your entrance fee, I would seriously consider booking a place to stay. The marathon attracts a lot of people and you don’t want to end up staying wherever is left over. Here are some options. BTW I have stayed at all of these places so I’m not just pulling sh*@ out of my ass.

Option One: You are poor as f*&!

Roma (280-500 Baht/Night)

Roma is usually the ideal place for PCVs because it’s cheap and it’s next to Suphan’s, which happens to be one of our favorite bars with Dark Lao beer and bagels. CHEESE BAGELS. It’s pretty raggedy and you can go bottom of the barrel by booking a room with a fan for 280 Baht, or splurge for a regular room at 500 Baht/night. It’s also not too far from the start line and there’s a 7/11 nearby.

Tamarind Residences (400-800 Baht/Night)

Tamarind Residences is a bit tacky and a bit out of the way, but it will save you a few hundred baht and it’s across the street from a coffee shop. They also offer a free breakfast of eggs and toast, and maybe coffee if you’re lucky.

Option Two: You have some money stashed.

**OMG Hotel (650-1,000 Baht/night)

So to be honest, this is where I normally stay. It’s in a great location – near the bus station and next to my favorite salad restaurant in Khon Kaen. It’s also a closer walk to Central than Roma, and the shower is super swanky. For the extra 150 Baht/night, to me it’s worth every sen.

Loft Living Khon Kaen (600-1,000 Baht/night)

This place is pretty far from the rest of Khon Kaen life but it is super close to the race and the race course. If you are planning to go to Khon Kaen for race business only then this is the place for you. The hotel has a gym, breakfast, and English TV channels. That’s right, here we go Discovery Channel. The staff are sweet and the taxi ride to Central is pretty cheap if you need to take a shopping trip.

Option Three: You want HISO!

Kosa (1,300-3,000 Baht/night)

As a note, I don’t stay in Hiso hotels … ever. Alyssa and I splurged once in Khon Kaen and it was at Kosa. The hotel was super nice with a gym, pool, sauna, and breakfast spread. The breakfast was pretty nice; they even had pancakes and cereal. It is also super close to everything: Central, shopping, Seven, bars, and a nice Italian pizza restaurant. If you are going to splurge this is probably a steal compared to booking the Pullman (from 2,000 Baht/night) or the Charoen Hotel (from 1,500 Baht/night).


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