The Road to Khon Kaen: Where to Buy Running Apparel in Thailand

Ty Miranda, 127 YinD

One of the best motivations for running, for me personally, is getting to buy new workout gear. I usually make a goal like, “once I finish this race,” or “once I hit my PR”. I usually reward myself with some new running gear. It’s actually really effective because not only am I not rewarding myself with food, but it’s actually a reward that keeps on giving, because I want to run in my new gear. Wow, that was confusing. Anyway, that’s how my running wardrobe has developed.

Since being in Thailand my workout gear from America has lasted and not lasted. Some items have not made it through the storm, while others are going strong. So I have had to buy gear in Thailand and I have written up this clever, probably not as helpful as it could be guide for all of you who happened to click on this article.

Central World//Robinsons

If you have the money laying around, splurge. Workout gear not only helps with running but makes you feel better at the end of the day. At Central World or Robinsons, you can find all your favorite brands and sizes. The one catch is that they will be just as expensive or even a bit more than American prices. But, running gear is an investment. You can also find running accessories like running shoes, hats, hydration packs and more, but they all come at a price because they are authentic.

Sportsworld or Supersports

Sportsworld or Supersports are great places to get gear that isn’t name brand but really close. Prices are a bit lower and the quality tends to be comparable. You can usually find these stores in Central World or at small local malls. Sizes run a bit small but if you search you can find some good deals. I bought biking shorts here for around 400 Baht and they are lasting really well. I will actually take them home with me. You can also find sports gels, running shoes, hydration packs, and socks at these stores.

Chatchuchak Market

This is a new one because I just noticed that sports shops are popping up in the famous Chatchuchak Weekend Market. You do have to sift and find them, but you can find fake gear that’s pretty good quality between 200 to 700 baht. I mostly saw sports bras and running shorts, and I didn’t see any accessories.  

Race Expos

Race expos are great for running gear. Most of the shops are full of fake gear but it’s good quality. I bought some running capris for 400 and they are surviving really well. They also aren’t that awful cotton material so I was as equally surprised. Make sure to check out the times of the expos before and after races ahead of time. I have also found access to sport gels, running shoes, hydropacks, and kinesic tape at expos, so definitely keep an eye out.

Online: Lazada, Brooks Thailand, Facebook

If you are having a lot of trouble finding clothes or cannot get to some of these locations, try online. Lazada has a great selection of clothes, but the site isn’t that trustworthy. I bought some running bottoms online but ended up returning them because the sizes weren’t correct. You can also find running accessories online, but I would be weary of buying stuff without seeing it. You just can’t judge the quality of the items off Lazada.  

Brooks Thailand has been my savior. I have been wearing their tennis shoes since my first half marathon back in Washington D.C. and I wouldn’t wear any other shoe. I was so happy when I came to Thailand and they sold shoes online. I have ordered from them twice during their semi annual sale and got shoes at a pretty good price. They also mailed the shoes right to my site and they were perfect.

Facebook is awesome for shopping in Thailand. Just search for items that you are interested in like Camelbaks or Nikes and pages and sites come up. I know it’s a bit weird ordering through Facebook and transferrin your money, but Thais do it all the time.

Second Hand Markets

If you are really strapped for cash, why not check out some of the second hand markets that you find around villages or small towns. Sometimes I have seen some good running shorts and shirts at the markets that you can have for 20 to 70 Baht.


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