The Road to Khon Kaen: Final Decision, I’m Out.

Ty Miranda, 127 YinD

Dear fellow readers and runners, I feel both sadness and confirmation about the decision I have made not to  sign up for the Khon Kaen Marathon in January. Please don’t let this article detour you from wanting to run the race, I just want to be straight with all of you since I’ve written around 7 articles about how I’m signing up. So this is the truth, I’m out.

The reasons are simple and complicated. Simply put, I refuse to pay a higher rate to run a race because I am not a Thai citizen. I feel that I have served my time in Thailand, living on a low wage and alone in a rural community, and yet I’m not able to benefit from the circumstances. It’s basically assuming that I and the wealthy foreigner making 30,000+ baht/month teaching English are the same. We aren’t, and I don’t want to be.

There are plenty of races out there which are not exploiting this frivolous rule and I will choose to spend my money on those races where I’m treated the same as any other runner. Why should I pay more to run in circles for 5 hours when I take up just as much space as the Thai citizen running next to me? It’s simply not right.

Therefore, I’m out. Ironically, my Bangkok Marathon which was scheduled for November was postponed until February, which means I’m also out on that. So, that means I’m done racing in Thailand which is bittersweet. I think I have found my strive for running and a bit of fondness for the sport. It’s taken a lot out of me too. I was in physically therapy for two weeks last year for my IBT band, I have had countless blisters and moments of pain, but I have also crossed four finish lines and felt amazing doing so.

Running is something I will take back to America and I already have plans to do a marathon and a mini triathlon upon my return. I also will start spending more time on the bike to prepare for my cross country trip next summer, which will only benefit my running in the long run. (*pun*) But, don’t you all worry. I am going to continue writing articles leading up to the Khon Kaen Marathon because I know there are volunteers out there who are ready and signed up. To you, I wish you all the luck and keep tuned for next week’s article on where to buy running clothes. I’m out.


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