PCV Thailand Horoscopes: November

Marcus MtCastle, 128 TCCS

Happy November, everyone!

Bpit term is over and school has started again, which means it’s back to work for us. On October 30th, a New Moon entered Scorpio and really started this month out right. It’s time to step out of your box and try things you’ve been too afraid to do in the past. This is gonna be a month of risks, so be willing to get weird. Be sure to check the blurb for your sun sign and then your rising sign for added clarity. If you don’t know you’re rising sign, you can find it here. I’d like to tell you a specific time these will be finished each month, but I’m a Pisces and organization is just not my thing. Sorry, y’all. LEZZDOTHIS.



Last month we talked about collaboration with others and spending time working on your relationships. Now is going to be the time to reap the benefits from that work. I know you like to do things on your own. You like to take those ram horns and charge as fast as you can into what you want. But now it’s time to calm down and rely on others. You can ask for help, you can cry on a shoulder, you can share. (I know that’s your least favorite word, just work with me here.) For some of you, this could come in the form of new or stronger love connections this month. Get weird.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Page of Wands Reversed – The Page of Wands is a lonely man standing in the desert. He has a job to do and right now it is to wait. He waits for a message or news that is coming soon. Reversed, this tells me the news ain’t gonna be great, so….that sucks.



You may be feeling a little discontent this month. You’re sick of doing the same thing over and over again, and that’s okay. This is a great time for this feeling. Now that a new semester has begun, you can try out things you haven’t thought to try before and experiment with new activities in the classroom. The Full Moon on the 14th is in your sign, which is always a perfect time to start something new. Full Moons bring fresh starts and clean slates. This is also a good time to look at long-term goals. Plan a bigger activity, a camp, a field trip, something for the students to get excited about. This could be a huge semester for you.


Tarot Card of the Month:

King of Wands – The King of Wands is just a nice guy. You can trust him. He’s loyal, honest and friendly. There may be a person, usually a male, in your life trying to give you assistance that you aren’t readily taking. So take it. Duh.



Planets are gonna be all up in your business this month and you could really benefit from it. At the beginning of the month, Venus and Jupiter will be hanging out with you. The planets of love and luck in your space at the same time is definitely not a bad thing. Venus is all about creativity, beauty, relationships, all that good stuff. These things will all be at the tips of your fingers this month. Past this, your craving for connection will extend a little deeper. You’re going to be looking for something a little past the surface. That will be met well by others.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Ace of Wands and Four of PentaclesAce of Wands, just reassuring that I’m right. Cause why wouldn’t I be? Flourishing with creativity, opportunity, growth, beginnings, the works. The Four of Pentacles is often misinterpreted as stinginess, but it simply shows someone caring for their possessions. Take stock and ownership in what you have and reflect on what they mean to you this month.



It’s time to get domestic, y’all.You may be feeling like it’s time to reach out to your family this month, however it is you who describes that word. Normally this would mean to spend time with your family, but it’s most likely that group of people isn’t here. So plan a Skype session, send a care package home, mail a postcard. Be intentional on showing the people important to you that you love them. Mars is hanging out with you this month, which will make it a good time to squash any old problems with people in your life. Face your confrontations head-on and not in your typical Cancer way. You know what I mean by that whether you want to admit it or not.


Tarot Card of the Month:

The Hermit – I’m now getting the sense that confrontations may be on the forefront of some of your minds. If someone has wronged you recently, or even if you’re the one who has been wronged, now is a great time to work that out. You don’t need that negativity in your life.


Lions sleep about 15-20 hours a day. Consider November your 15-20 hours. You’re feeling a little sluggish this month, wanting to spend a lot of time at home and focus on yourself. That’s okay and perfectly understandable. Bpit term may have been a bit exhausting for some of you. Just make sure you’re making this introverted time useful. Explore some creative hobbies and share those hobbies with others when you feel it necessary. The Taurus Full Moon on the 14th will shine some light on your work responsibilities. That will be your wake-up call to get your ass off the couch and do werk.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Five of Wands Reversed– The Five of Wands is a confusing-looking card. A bunch of folks hitting each other with sticks, essentially, but maybe some of them are just annoyed (constipated?). Mostly, this is a card of competition. We all know you love competition and we all hate you in competition. Pretty much just because you’re going to win and it upsets us. But try not to get wrapped up in your competitive side right now. Let yourself sink into this relaxing, sluggish month.


I hope you’re still soaking up the perfection that was your October forecast. This month is going to be a busy one. If this was anyone else, I would see this as a warning, but not you guys. Y’all know how to handle stress and you take it in stride. The New Moon could open a desire to learn something new. That’s cool and stuff. This could be something that you’ve always wanted to explore, or maybe a new subject matter will appear this month. This is a productive month for you, so find something to fill your free time. This isn’t the month for Netflix. The Taurus Full Moon on the 14th is going to give you a reminder to keep a healthy balance. At this time you may need to get out and do something for your body as well as your mind.


Tarot Card of the Month:

The Sun – The sun sheds light on all of the good, tangible things around us. This month you may find a new appreciation for your material gifts. (I know you’re just excited to use that new desk organizer you bought for yourself because you’re “bad.” You can’t hide from me. Freaks.)


Venus, your ruler, is going to be working hard with Jupiter this month. Jupiter, being the planet of luck, could only bring you good things here. There’s going to be a lot of attention on you and people are going to find it easy to pay attention. Words are going to come easy to you and Mercury Retrograde is going to seem like a far off dream. Because eff that noise. Not only is your opinion going to be sought out, but it will be much appreciated. Mars and Uranus (lolz) are also in a good relationship that you could benefit from this month. Your relationships are going to seem lively and strong. Be brave and straightforward about getting what you want from others.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Ten of Cups Reversed – The Ten of Cups is a card that tells us, “All is good, shut up and let it be.” So of course it’s reversed. So all is not good. Because life is never that easy. There may be a person in your life putting on a facade to manipulate you. Don’t be a passive Libra this month, people. Stick up for yourself and be direct.


DUDES. This is your month. First of all, happy friggin’ birthday. Second, this New Moon could not be coming at a better time. There’s some things you may be looking to put behind you, and that’s a great idea. We’re in a new solar cycle and it’s time to look forward. This New Moon is particularly supportive in your ability to express yourself. You are in a moment of understanding both yourself and the people around you. You have great intuition and can use this to your benefit. Others are going to be quite receptive to your attempts to open up. We know this is something you’re usually afraid of, so take advantage of this potential time for healing.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Queen of Pentacles and Three of Pentacles – Step one, ya ballin’ this month. Make it rain, cause you got it. Step two, take this time of prosperity to be extra generous towards others. It’ll make for some good karma later. (Buy me beer, plz.)


Your social life is looking pretty healthy right now, Sag. The sun is slowly creeping towards your sign at the end of the month. It’s a good time to chill out and be present. Mars and Uranus are having a good time with each other right now and Uranus is blooming with creativity this month (I’m a child). But honestly, although you may feel a little frazzled when spending some alone time, it’s a good month to put that mentality into a creative project or relationships. Rely on others as often as you can this month. Keep your brain stimulated frequently and share your ideas with others. That will definitely come back to help you next month when it’s your time to shine.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Five of Cups – You may have gone and treated yourselves a little too liberally during this bpit term. Of the five cups this man began with, two remain. Try not to focus on the three cups that are gone. Keep your mind on what you have and make it last. This also doesn’t necessarily mean money. It could potentially mean the loss of a relationship or something intangible as well. Again, focus on what you still have.


This looks like a good month to take a backseat, Caps. You could be very effective doing work from behind the scenes. Having others around may cloud your judgment and stray you from your own ideas. Spend a lot of time in solitude this month. Work on projects to completion before presenting the ideas to others. Group brainstorming wouldn’t be the most beneficial for you. On the 12th, however, Venus will enter your sign, shortly after Mars has left it. Mars can be really brash and rough around the edges, so the softness of Venus is going to be quite welcomed. This is going to be the time to present the ideas you have worked on to others. Your approach will be more gentle and your words will come easily. Timing is everything for you this November.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Nine of Swords Reversed – This card comes with some not-so-fun words. We have doubt, shame, fear, suspicion. Just a stab in the dark, but you guys might be feeling a bit paranoid or self-conscious this month. If you relate to this, again, think about your timing. Make sure to piece your words together carefully. People will listen when you have the right approach. What you have to say is worth it.


The 11th house, the house you rule over, is all about friendship and individuality. You want community, but you want to stick out in that community. This month there will be a high focus on your friendships. Developing new ones, building on the old, whatever presents itself to you. Venus and Jupiter are linking your 11th and 9th houses this month, making it easy to keep in touch with friends that are far away in the states. This is a good time for working together with someone else, regardless of whose work it is benefiting. Mars will move into your sign on the 9th and things may seem to speed up a bit. This could get overwhelming, but don’t worry. Mars’ special relationship with your ruler, Uranus (someone stop me) this month can make that rush seem really nice. Go with the flow this month, Aquarius.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Eight of Pentacles – You are capable of the work you’re doing here, Aquarius. You have the skills to make quality change and the drive to do so. This could be a very productive month for you, so don’t let it go to waste.


Whuddup, my fishy friends. The beginning of the month may feel a little hazy for you. But focus as hard as you can, because this month could be very beneficial. You’re going to find quite a bit of support this month. It may not always be clear, or even public, but plenty of people are fighting in your corner right now. New projects are going to be more fruitful if you wait until the end of the month. If you have some at the beginning, don’t worry too much, as you will still have that support backing you up. This is a good month for learning from other people. Be sure to take that reflecting time and look beyond what you see. (Lion King 1 1/2? Anyone? Am I alone? Alright.) The Taurus Full Moon on the 14th will prove to be a good time to come back down to earth. I know you love to live life in the clouds, but Taurus reminds us to pay attention to the errands and detailed (boring) work we so easily neglect.


Tarot Card of the Month:

Six of Swords Reversed – Honesty is going to be key this month. Lying isn’t usually in your benefit, of course, but now is the time to be extra conscious of that. Take that support when you need it and be clear when you need to be alone. Make your needs known this November.


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