Road to Khon Kaen: It isn’t too late!

Elora Herberick, 127 TCCS

Feeling slightly unmotivated after this oh too short bpiterm? Haven’t started training at all yet? Having second thoughts about completing the distance you selected in Khon Kaen? FEAR NOT! It is not too late to start training for the January races!

Having just finished a few weeks of indulgence with my parents. I am ready to get my head back in the game, well kind of. I know my body isn’t in the same shape it was pre-cheese coma but that doesn’t mean I won’t be ready for that marathon on January 29th.


The same goes for you, my friends. Whether you have been training consistently or are new to the running club, we still have a few solid months to get ready for that glorious day and the countless beers to follow shortly after.

Or cheese..should we find cheese? I feel like Khon Kaen should stock up on cheese.

I have found a few great training plans that may be of assistance for any distance race. For instance, if you haven’t signed up for a race yet and are just starting out, maybe the 10k is more your style. Within 12 weeks you can go from couch dwelling, sticky rice binging Volunteer to a kickin’ pavement, takin names Volunteer. It is up to you! And your fellow Volunteers and runners are here to support you in whatever you choose to do- especially if it involves being together on the 29th. I just really want to see you guys. *single tear*

Anyways, here is a plan for you fine souls.



If you are like me, then you’ve signed up for the half or full marathon and are praying to any and all gods, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and putting gypsy black magic spells on your feet. What? Who would do that? It doesn’t matter, moving on.




Keeping a framed photo of Steve Roland “Pre” Prefontaine in my back pocket is normal…





For those brave souls, here is another training plan if you haven’t found one to your liking already.


And one more for good measure…



Remember if you haven’t signed up yet, head over to quick!

So friends, with that I leave you. And I hope to see you on race day.


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  1. Do it, you shall … Stay strong and carry on! Love you, do not love running… Give me my bike:)


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