The Road to Khon Kaen: Thailand Running Vocabulary

Ty Miranda, 127 YinD

In the beginning, it was hard to explain to Thais why the hell I was up at 4:30 am running around the Tessaban. I would often just say, “Ty chop op gam-lang gai,” which means,  “Ty likes working out”. But after awhile, I wanted some more phrases to really explain the work I was doing as a runner. Below, are some phrases and sentences that could help you explain to your community what you are doing. Make sure to replace my name with your name or in formal situations my name with Pom or Dichan.


  • Ty likes to go running. Ty chop wing.
  • Running makes me feel good. Donti Ty wing, Ty mii kwam suk.
  • Ty is training for a half marathon/marathon. Ty gamlang fuk wing marathon 21 kilo/42 kilo.  
  • Ty is training for a race. Ty gamlang fuk pua long kang wing marathon 21 kilo/42 kilo/10 kilo, etc.
  • Today, I ran # kilometers. Wan nii, Ty wing # kilo. Jing Jing!
  • I have to go to bed because I have to wake up early to go running. Ty drong bpai naan prat waa Ty duun naan dccn chaao bpai wing.
  • I need to drink some electrolytes. Ty drong kan duum naam e-lek-tro.
  • Run: wing
  • Exercise: op gam lang gai
  • Training: fuk fan
  • Cramp: da krew
  • Blister: dum
  • Running injury: ba jep ja gan wing
  • Running clothes: shoot wing
  • Running shoes: long tao wing
  • Running socks: tung teeo wing
  • Personal Record (PR): sa-tis-tic gan wing

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