PCV Thailand Horoscopes: October

Marcus MtCastle, 128 TCCS


Welcome to the first installment of your monthly Peace Corps Thailand Horoscopes. Each month I’ll give a little blurb about each sign including any important planetary movements and a tarot card that was pulled especially for you. Be sure to check out the blurb for sun sign, but then also your rising sign as well. This may show some added clarity on any given situation. If you don’t know you’re rising sign, you can find it here. Then you should immediately send me your birth chart so I can tell you all about yourself while judging you the whole time. It’ll be great.




With the sun in Libra, your opposition, your relationships should be your main focus this month. We all know you’re good at feeling yourself, but now is about the time to feel others (lolz). Take this upcoming free time to go visit a friend or take a trip with someone. You may be feeling a strong desire to be independent and take the lead, but don’t be afraid to collaborate plans.


Tarot Card of the Month: Queen of Cups and The Lovers – The queen brings us vision, clarity, wisdom and success. The lovers, companionship and mutual benefits. I don’t have to draw this one out for you, do I? Companionship will bring you clarity and success. TADA.



Taurus, you may be feeling particularly motivated this month. As the stubborn, slow-moving bulls of the zodiac, we know this doesn’t happen often. So by all means GO WITH IT. This motivation may show up in work, vacation, trying something new, whatever. Don’t hesitate to do what feels good and get moving.


Tarot Card of the Month: Seven of Pentacles Reversed – Typical Taurus. Always thinking about money. Living the life of a volunteer, it’s understandable that you would be anxious about your “income” (for lack of a better word). Taureans are good at keeping track of these things, but they’re also good at thinking about them too much. It’s good to know you have the funds to do what you want, but don’t let the fear hold you back. Be regular smart self about your spending choices and you’ll be fine.



You have a bit of an opportunistic month coming up, dear twins. Around the 10th of this month, your ruler Mercury will align with Jupiter giving you some good luck for a few days. This is a good time to be your most honest self and stay open. People are paying attention to you this month and you’re happy to be the center, but be sure to let others take center stage as well. You may be feeling willing to connect with others this month, which you’re very good at, so own that.


Tarot Card of the Month: The Fool Reversed – The fool shows us whim, freedom, wonder and carelessness. For some of you, this is your general way of life. However, a reversed fool may be telling us that this isn’t the approach we should use this month. Be a little more conscious of your actions this month.



Oh, Cancers. Thank you for being our moms when we’re needy and/or drunk. But this month you really shouldn’t. Mars moving into your opposition this month. It is going to make you very intense and competitive with your relationships. This will make you want to be around people you care about more often, but it will also make tensions rise easily. Be sure to keep a level head when with others and be self-aware when you’re feeling tense. Venus moving into your sign this month will help you in this case. You’re at your best when you’re working WITH us.


Tarot Card of the Month: Three of Cups – This is one of my favorite cards. It shows three people, drinking in celebration and enjoying themselves. It shows good times ahead shared with friends. And usually a nice, big ‘ole bottle of Hong Thong to go with.



You may be feeling very goal-oriented this month, Leo. With that usually comes motivation to complete these goals. Like your firey friend, Aries (jk, y’all aren’t friends) you want to get stuff done this month. Don’t let this break scare you away from that. If you want to work during this bpit term, don’t let anyone stop you. Challenge yourself, but know your limits. Take time for yourself and step away off from Peace Corps related things. Tiring yourself out now will only make the burnout for this next semester a more difficult hurdle to overcome.


Tarot Card of the Month: Ace of Swords – A giant hand emerges from the clouds, clenching tight to a sharp sword, capped with a crown. No one said you weren’t dramatic, Leo. This card shows us great force and great triumph. Whatever you want, you will get and whatever you want to do, you will do it. Just be aware of the things in your path and try not to trample on them too hard.



It looks to me like you’re really feeling yourself this month, Virgo. And I ain’t gonna hold you back. Do yourselves a favor and channel your inner Queen Bey, since she is your Virgo spokeswoman and all. You’re feeling the need to put yourself out there and with Venus working in your favor, you have the charm to do so. This bpit term is your time to be free, so go ahead and let your freak flag fly. No one’s going to stop you, even if they wanted to.


Tarot Card of the Month: The Empress – Dear god, yaaaassss. The empress is all about taking what you want and not apologizing for it. She has initiative, she takes actions and is fruitful because of it. Get. It. Virgo.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LIBRAS. Don’t tell the others, but you’re my favorites. Welcome to a strong month for you. It’s time for you to be confident and make the changes you want to make in your life. Mercury is officially out of retrograde and all is right in the world. The decisions you make now will have clear, quick results. We all know decisions normally aren’t your thing, so take advantage of this. With the sun and a full moon in your sign on the 17th, it’s going to be very helpful to focus on making changes within. Stop bad habits, start new healthy ones. Take care of yourself first.


Tarot Card of the Month: King of Pentacles – This card gives a wealth of knowledge, not only in the realm of general intelligence but also dealing with the self. You’re very in tune with yourself this month. Hone that self awareness and better yourself for it.



The beginning of the month may feel a little slow for you, Scorpio as the sun is slowly inching towards your sign. But all month, you have at least one big planet in your sign, so there’s always going to be someone paying attention to you. With the help of Mars, you’ll have the potential for some productive communication this month. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and you will definitely be heard. However, this may make you feel impatient with small talk, and in turn, social interaction. Don’t be afraid to take your you time. We all know how terrifying you are when you’ve had enough of people. So please, tell us to leave you alone if you need it. We’ll come back in November.


Tarot Card of the Month: Seven of Swords – This card shows a man looking frustrated, carrying far more than he is able. Don’t push yourselves this month, Scorpio. Again, take your time for yourself and be honest about your needs with yourself and others.



You are generally self-motivated. This we already know. But this month you may be feeling extra energized to defend and protect what you’ve already acquired. This may translate for possessions, money, values, or even personal strength. These are all good things to keep for yourself, but be careful not to cross over into stingy territory. Other people can feel the rewards from these things. If you’re feeling generous, take advantage of that. It is something everyone, including you, can reap plenty of benefits from this month. Buy me booze, plz.


Tarot Card of the Month: Nine of Cups Reversed – A man sits in front of a large feast table. He looks happy with his abundance, but he sits in front of the feast alone. Reversed this reaffirms that the more you keep these gifts to yourself, the fewer benefits you will receive from them. So like, stop being a grinch and just buy me booze already.



With Mars in your sign all this month, you may be feeling way too impatient. You’re normally quite motivated and have plenty of capability to get things done on your own. You’re good at finding effective and fast ways of completing the task at hand. Not everyone has these skills, ya mountain goats. Sometimes you have to lead others the way you know is best. Sometimes this is easier said than done for you. However, Venus passing through you until the 18th should help here. You’re going to be much more willing to value others’ input if you take the time to hear it. So don’t be so quick to shut it down.


Tarot Card of the Month: The Star Reversed – You ain’t better than nobody, sucka. The Star in reverse gives signs of arrogance and a feeling of superiority. Be self-aware of this quality and be sure to snuff it when it shows up.



The world is your oyster this bpit term, Aquarius. You’re going to be introspective AF and you’re going to show up in November, ballin’ as ever. Start off by seeking ways to destress from this semester. Reflect on the things you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. Be extra careful with conflict this month. Hold off on the need to assert yourself and try not to bottle your feelings. This can be a good month for healing both the present, as well as the past. Mars’ movements next month will start things anew, so it’s good to go into that with a clean slate.


Tarot Card of the Month: Knight of Cups – This knight is well-protected, but marches quietly and peacefully. Take your time with preparations for the good things that are to come.



This month is looking like a good time to let loose. Go on a trip with some friends or have yourself a little “staycation” at site. Treat yo’ self. Get weird in the best way you know how. Of course, with the sun still in Libra we need to continue to think about balance and peace. Make sure you’re still taking time to focus on you and your own personal care.


Tarot Card of the Month: The Emperor – The emperor is a strong, major card that brings us stability and power. Use this power for good this month and channel that energy into bettering yourself and your surroundings.


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