Blog Repost: Netflix & Chill

Alex Khan, 127 YinD

So I bet you’re wondering what Friday nights in the village are like? No? Great, I’ll tell you anyways. Friday nights in the village are what you make out of them. Yes, I know so cliché with a splash of ‘the glass is half full’ approach *gag*. Some Volunteers live next to a 7-11 so I wonder how awful their Friday nights can truly be. I mean they have the option of having a wine and crackers type of night along with the famous toasty if they really want to get wild. That ladies and gents is great way to top off an eventful week.


As for me, last night I had a wine and crackers type of night Isaan style. I had a nice cold one with some sticky rice. Not exactly the same but they both make you full and sleepy. I’ve spent countless nights in my village with a pessimistic state of mind, reminiscing on luxuries I had once upon a time and its extremely hazardous. I don’t know if times are changing or your boy is getting old but I fell asleep last night around 9:00pm.


Yesterday I made an executive decision to leave work around 4:20 pm in order to go ‘Netflix and Chill’ as you degenerates call it nowadays. Well I don’t exactly have Netflix or Wifi but you get the point. I just binge watched shows until the rice ran out, then decided to call it a night. Speaking of rice, I made the mistake of passing on dinner with the family because I was not hungry at the moment and boy did I regret that. The “restaurants” in my village were closed and I was left with only one choice…”Mama”. Mama is the Thai style of top ramen and it has a bad rep because its not exactly the healthiest for you and cost like 2 pennies. However if you add the right spices and a side of love it can actually be quite tasty. I made this with some eggs and sat alone eating as I gazed into the stars. As depressing as this may sound it is actually one of the most relaxing things I have ever done in my life. There’s no noise coming from the city traffic jams, no pollution, it’s just you and the stars.


The view here is absolutely breathtaking and the sky seems like something that would appear on Google search for a “peaceful night”. The village may sound lame in comparison to a night out on Khao San Road, but to be honest it’s really not that bad. You get to save money, build relationships with people, and most of all experience a side of Thailand that many do not. You may not have the luxuries of 7-11 and Pizza Company in the village, but sometimes that stuff is overrated. All you really need is some good rice and Netflix.


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