COS Dreams: Kori 128

Kori Echeverria, 128 YinD

One of my favorite movies of all times is, ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’. It’s a beautiful coming of age film that narrates the adventures of a young Ernesto Guevara later known as Ernesto “el Che” Guevara. This film is based on Ernesto’s memoir, and it tells his story as a young medical student that was awaken to the beauty and richness of Latin America through a motorcycle trek he embarked in when he was twenty three years old, alongside his best friend Alberto Granado.

They started the adventure in Buenos Aires, Argentina and travel through Chile, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and back to Argentina. I love the movie because it shows the unbelievable diversity in Latin America not just in regards to people, but landscapes, fauna, flora, food, traditions and lifestyles. However, after all that is accounted for, it also shows how fundamentally, at the core, there are things that unite all Latin American countries together, and it comes down history and love for family and friends.

So, if money and time were not an issue I would love to embark in a similar journey once I am done with my service. I would start in Guatemala visiting my family and friends. I would stop by what Lake Atitlan which has been called the most beautiful lake in the world. I would probably hike a few volcanoes, explore colonial cities, and visit the astonishing Mayan ruins in Tikal. I would then travel to Costa Rica to spend a few day in Tortugereo National Park and then move to the more Caribbean side in Puerto Limon. Then Panama to see the canal and the archipelago Boca del Toro. From there, I would travel to Colombia where many stops are required. I would stop in Santa Marta and enjoy the beautiful beaches, Cartagena, Medellin and of course Barranquilla. Then it would be Venezuela to see Angel Falls, then Brazil.

There- Rio de Janeiro where Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and the magnificent Cristo Redentor would be the first stops, then probably Fortaleza and Manous to have a look at the Amazon River. Then I would make my way to Iguazu Falls bordering Argentina and Brazil and travel to “La ciudad de la Furia” Buenos Aires, dance some tango and enjoy great food. Then I’d travel to Chile to enjoy the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso, the Geysers el de Tatio and maybe fly to the Easter Island. Then it would be Bolivia to experience the city of La Paz and Madidi National Park.

Finally, I would enter Peru to marvel at the amazing Machu Picchu and then maybe explore Cuzco and its intriguing healing rituals. Of course, that would take a few months. Detours and spontaneous adventures to other locations can be added to the itinerary as I move from place to place. As long as there is a good reason, I would visit.


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