Six Sites, Three weeks, One Cause: Isaan United for Health

Erin Hardin, 128 YinD

The Project: A three-week endeavor focusing on the triad of health: physical, psychological, and nutritional.  

The Purpose: Uniting communities throughout Isaan on the journey to health by creating a more well-rounded knowledgable base.  

The People: Group 127s own  YinD Volunteers- Alyssa Scott (Surin Province) and Ty Miranda (Loei Province), the beautiful minds behind the initiative.  

 Using inspiration from a fellow PCV in Africa, the multiple site concept came to life!  Alyssa explained that, “This model of impact would be a great way to raise awareness for a cause that resonates strongly with the both of us- healthy living.”  To reach the goal of uniting an entire region towards this cause, other communities and PCVs who are as passionate about the effort are needed.  


Volunteer Name Province Date
 Alyssa Scott  Surin  October 3rd – 4th
 Vincent Winn  Maha Sarakham  October 6th – 7th
 Ross Rinehart  Kalasin  October 10th – 11th
 Amber Los  Nong Bua Lamphu  October 13th – 14th
 Abby Haris  Nong Khai  October 17th – 18th
 Ty Miranda  Loei  October 20th – 21st

*At a few of the sites there will be other Volunteers to help, a fellow 127, Julie Walker, and 128s India Wert, Megan Carr, and Diana Chavez.

Thailand already has many events that involve physical activity such as, Bike for Mom, Bike for Dad and a number of running events that have recently picked up pace on the health circuit.  Isaan United for Health will help to bolster the movement by providing more education and creative resources.  Each of the six sites have two day seminars, full of workshops on emotional, nutritional, and mental health. Everyone also gets to add on their own fun physical activities. They are provided with workbooks in both Thai and English therefore allowing sites to continue the project independently in the future.


Funding for this project has been provided by Friends of Thailand.  This PCV Thailand alumni group has become interested in the successful mission and continuation of the project. Coordinating such a large project cannot be easy, but it sounds like Abbys site is ready to go!

“I think they really like that it’s a region-wide project and I can tell it gives them a sense of pride to represent Photak.” -Abby (In reference to her site)    


Abby is looking forward to her students gaining, “A better understanding of what it is to be healthy and strategies to work toward that goal. I hope they gain skills for positive self-care. And that they can carry these skills with them throughout their lives.”  

Looking forward, Alyssa and Ty have thought of the projects future and having invited group 128 Volunteers to help with the implementation, “We hope they will be inspired by the work, and desire to continue the project into next year- lighting the way for group 129 and beyond.”  With the main goal being long-term development, this years event is creating the foundation and raising awareness, which they hope will inspire others to take up the cause.

For more information on the project visit their Facebook page at


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