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Alex Khan, 127 YinD

If you happen to be in the Bangkok BTS Rachathewi area and looking for a few places to try out, then this article is just what you need. I have been to the big Mango (Bangkok) quite a few times and I am always coming across new places. This is one of the many great things about Bangkok, no matter how many times you go you will always find or see something new. Below is a list of some places I find myself going back to time after time. They are relatively inexpensive and have nice crowds, so if you’re ever in the area go ahead and give them a try.

Di Cafe 

Number one in no particular order would be Di Cafe. They are located right off BTS Rachathewi exit slightly past the 7-11. It’s extremely clean and has a western vibe to it. The second story includes an extremely comfortable sofa and air conditioning, I mean what else can you really ask for? The staff is extremely friendly and they can speak English!  They have a nice menu to choose from with items that might remind you of home. A little pricy in comparison to your 50 Baht bowl of rice but overall not a bad grab. You can find items like sandwiches, salads, and my all time favorite blueberry cheesecake. Di Cafe carries your typical lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos all at reasonable prices. You can get your basic black cup of coffee starting at about 55 baht all the way up to 75 a pop for a caramel macchiato. My recommendation would be the caramel macchiato along with the blueberry cheesecake. A lot of sugar to ingest in one sitting but hey…YOLO. Di Cafe is about a 30 second walk from Bed Station and Monomer (Hostels) so I go often. I like to take my laptop and get ahead on any work that I may have been putting off or plan future events for my site. They have wifi and keep the place nice and cool so Di Cafe gets my vote! Make sure to give it a try next time you’re in the area.


One of my many visits to Di Cafe!



Bed Station

Number 2 again in no particular order would be Bed Station Hostel. They are located directly behind Di Cafe off the BTS Rachathewi exit. The normal rate is 450 baht ($14) a night unless you’re a Peace Corps Volunteer then going rate is 350 Baht for your typical mixed dorm. This place is extremely popular amongst PCV’s as well tourist from all over, so if you’re looking to stay here make sure to plan ahead and make reservations. The staff are extremely friendly and more than willing to give you recommendations no matter what your cup of tea.Staff is extremely knowledgable about modes of transportation throughout Bangkok and can get you from point A to B without a problem. They have hosted a few unofficial Peace Corps events like the infamous Christmas dinner and the welcoming of group 128. They have a small section for laundry and the prices are not bad which can come in handy when traveling abroad. The second floor is a common area with a nice big screen, a playstation, huge book of DVDs, monitors, and a nice selection of books. If you come on the right day you can catch the Bed Station staff cooking up a nice Thai style dish for all to enjoy. Go ahead and check online for yourself if you need more convincing, Bed Station has received multiple awards from Trip advisor, HostelWorld, and So I believe this one is a no brainer as well, thats a YES on Bed Station from me!

bed1 bed


Eating with the Bed Station Staff.
When Bed station ask you to pose for their new website.




Number 3 on the list is Soi 12 off of Petchaburi 16 located by Hotel Asia. This is a nice street/alley way with a bunch of street vendors and restaurants. If you’re looking to get some traditional Thai style food with relatively cheep prices well then you have come to the right place. They have your typical chicken/pork with basil leaves, spices, garlic aka Pakra Pao gai/Muu for 40-50 Baht (about $1.50) pending what sides you would like. There is also a noodle joint at the end of the street across from 7-11 that serves delicious duck noodles for 45 Baht. These are the best tasting noodles that I have ever had in Bangkok, and I am no stranger to noodles ladies and getns. If you’re looking for the street meat grab and go type of night you can get that kind of loving as well. They have multiple stands with slow roasted BBQ chicken, BBQ pork sticks, deep fried fish coated in honey, Bla Duke and of course rice. They have many sides you can get but they change every time I go…big surprise. The sides tend to consist of cabbage, green onions, rice, sticky rice, and of course peppers. These dishes also make for great conversation starters at hostels and hotels for onlookers will be in aww of your meal. Thailand is known for their great tasting food so backpackers are always on the lookout for the next best place to dine.

My favorite noodle joint. I recommend you get the duck noodles!! Sap lai DUHHH (don’t say those last 3 words when ordering)
Refill your big water bottles here for only 1 baht!! (Soi 12)


Photo was taken during the day, but if you go at night the streets are packed!

Co-Co Walk


       The Co-Co Walk is located right off the BTS Rachathewi exit directly across from the 7. This is a nice area filled with live music, hookah bars, pubs, and restaurants. So if you’re looking to start off or even spend an entire night at the BTS Rachathewi area then bring up google maps and type away. Pending where you go and at what time can make all the difference in the world in terms of the crowd and vibe. If you’re looking for a more low key crowd then I would recommend coming a tad bit earlier. The scene tends to pick up as the night progresses. They have specials daily, along with happy hours, and even a special happy hour for meals that come with cheese! The hookah bar is a tad bit on the expensive side costing you a whopping 500 baht pop ($15), but if you split it with a few friends then it’s not that bad. A big bottle of your finest Leo or Chang will run you 100+ baht pending where you go, but the majority of places charge 100 Baht for Leo or Chang ($3). The scene can get a tad bit noisy between the live bands and crowds making it difficult to hear one another at times, but overall worth it in my opinion. If you’re looking for a chill night out in the town then Co Co- Walk is always a nice option.

7 Eleven 

       You can find a 7 Eleven or what Thai’s commonly refer to as “7” on just about every street corner throughout Thailand. In fact I have seen multiple 7’s on one street! Yes you heard that correctly, MULTIPLE 7’s ON ONE STREET. Your typical 7 is a one stop shop for Thai people or anyone really and can satisfy all of your needs. The average 7 tends to carry items such as grilled cheese sandwiches, Thai food, Wine, snickers, chips, and even plane tickets. I think you get the point by now, and to top it off they are open 24/7! The best part about 7 in my opinion is the fact that they all tend to feel like an icebox. It’s not uncommon for people to walk into 7 and buy something cheap just to hang out for a while. I have done this on numerous occasions and it never gets old. After walking just a few blocks here in the land of smiles you are due for a nice cold beverage. So next time you’re in Thailand make sure to swing on by and take a look at your local 7. Easily a 10/10 in my opinion, they have yet to let me down.

National Stadium 


        I stumbled upon this diamond in the rough by accident one day and have been going back ever since. They have an outdoor gym that has all your essentials and more for free. They have bench press, dumbbells, and even a free water fountain. If thats not your cup of tea then you can buy ice cold water and coffee in the front of the gym. They have 2 tracks there that are sometimes occupied by soccer players, but you can still run on them. If you would like to run in peace you can run the perimeter of the stadium, according to my Nike run app 2 laps equal one mile. The gym is open from 5am to about 9:30pm according to the locals. The weights may not be in the best condition but they are free. The average price in Bangkok will run you anywhere from 50-100 baht a day. The gym rats here are not like your average American gym rats, they are some of the nicest and most respectful people I have ever come across. I find it fascinating that whenever someone enters or exits the area everyone will “Wai” the individual. Speaks volume on their character and makes one feel extremely welcomed. If you wanted to get technical National Stadium is located at the BTS Siam exit, but it is so close to Rachthewi it does not make much of a difference. If you are looking to kill some time or get that pump in before a big night out on the town then look no further ladies and gents. 

Pad Thai

      Just about every tourist I come into contact with is always on the lookout for Pad Thai, and I am not to sure why. Yes it is quite tasty but in my opinion there are much better dishes out there you should try. This joint serves some of the better tasting pad thai I have had in Thailand. You can find this mobile restaurant directly in front of 7 off the BTS Rachathewi exit. They are only there during the evening from about 6:00 pm to 1:00 am. This is a popular spot not only amongst foreigners but Thais as well. They serve different styles of pad thai ranging from 40 baht ($1.20) to 70 baht ($2.05). Whether you want a quick bite to eat before heading out or looking for something a little greasy after a long night out then this is your spot!IMG_5598IMG_5597.jpg


Yupins is a nice Thai restaurant located on Petchaburi 16 slightly past soi 12. It’s about a 8 min walk from the BTS Rachathewi exit and hard to miss. They don’t open until 6pm but they do stay open all night. I have seen people ordering food as late as 3 am. They specialize in seafood and can bbq/deep like you have never had. If you’re not in the mood for Thai seafood don’t worry, you can find just about every single Thai dish here. The place is very big and has many servers running back and forth constantly. They can seat about 80 people if not more and are always busy. Below are some examples of the excellent food they serve at Yupins. The prices run a little higher here then normal but well worth it in my opinion. Dishes like somtham and pac boong fai dang run around 80-100 baht ($3). The fish can be a little more pricy costing around 250 baht a pop. If you are looking for something special and tired of the street food then swing on by here and give a try!.

Pac Boong Fai Dang

                                                             Fried fish coated in honey 


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