The Road to Khon Kaen: Running Shirt Contest!

Ty Miranda, 127 YinD

How’s your training go so far? Yea, I’m in the same boat. I actually haven’t signed up for the KK race yet because I’m seeing if I’ll be able to actually run a marathon which scares the (blank) out of me. The idea of running marathon is as crazy as biking across the USA, which is my plan next summer.

Here’s to the years of adventure! You can do it! So can I??

Anyway, this week we are going to start our running shirt contest. I know we have talked about running shirts in the past, but this year we are going to get our sh*@ together. Here are the details…

August 25­-31:

Submit shirt designs to . Shirts will have a front design only and be screen printed on breathable, sport material. You can send your idea and the shirt color you think would best match. Designs should include something about being a PCV, but it’s really up to you.

September 1-­5: 

Voting! Shirt submissions will be voted on via the Sticky Rice Facebook. Anyone is allowed to vote.

September 6-­15:

Accepting shirt orders. Please email your shirt orders to

Shirts will cost between 100­-150 baht depending on the final design. Shirts will be available starting October 22.

Shirts can be mailed to your site if you cover the cost or picked up at the Peace Corps office, at Camp Glow Isaan, at COS conference, or at Safe Space Training in Phitsanulok.

Money can be transferred via the Bangkok Bank app or a Bangkok bank ATM.

We will accept orders from RPCVs as well. Shirts will be mailed when I go home for Christmas from California with an additional charge.


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