Fashion Sense

Elora Herberick, 127 TCCS

As I sit on the multi-textile bus covered in almost painfully bright colors and blasting the Isaan hits of today, I have an “Aha!” moment. I glance forward to the mint green satin curtains swaying and wince.

“That is just awful”, I think to myself. 

I quickly readjust my posture and notice the accompanying 1992 print seat cushions that definitely had seen their fifteen minutes of fame on Saved by the Bell. I am beginning to realize my own personal style emulates the hectic mismatch mess of this damn bus..wait no, I couldn’t have just said that.


At least they get to ride scooters

Let me say first, I consider myself a stylish person. I know what looks good on me, I follow trends- if not setting them (humble, I know). Regardless, I love fashion and value it. However, I’ve been noticing a big change in my style over the past year. This includes the things I purchase, what I think is cute on me and on others.

With that said, let me describe my “travel outfit” to you…

I always see celebrities in the perfect outfits when they travel; cute shirts and pants with bags and shoes that combine fashion and comfort, those big sunshades to block the haters; the full package. They have the wow factor, ya know? I like to think I do too…but people would probably say wow for different reasons…

I’m sporting my:

  • Black and white handkerchief patterned leggings.
  • Black oversized graphic T with the words “I’M A WEIRDO” in large print.
  • Hello Kitty surgical mark (which I’m not sure if it actually protects me from sickness on this hellhole bus or if I am just not getting other people sick or something. UGH)
  • A floral printed flat brim backwards hat with the word “BU$Y” stitched in it.
  • My blue Hawaiian floral print duffel bag hangs beside me.


I mean, what in the world has happened? I must have blacked out when I got dressed this morning. There is no way in hell I looked in the mirror and thought, “Girl, you killin’ it today. More patterns the better I always say! I mean would you look at that style?




No. No.

No. No. No.

No. No. No. No.

No. No. No. No. No.

Somewhere in this past year, I went through a vortex. A vortex that severely altered my fashion sense and replaced it with Mickey Mouse, multi-patterned madness, and colorful polos to fit every day of the week.

A vortex of fashion nonsense.

Help me…as I have as much fashion sense as a bus…


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