It’s on my list: Khao Sok National Park

J and K 128 YinD/TCCS

Travel Destination:

Surat Thani Province/ Khao Sok National Park

Mode of Transportation

  • Bus
Travel Time (From BKK)
  • If you traveled from your site please specify your region…Traveled from our site in Phruphi Surat Thani 3 1/2 hours
The Cost Factor
  • Tuuk
How was the weather?
  • Beautiful!
How long did you stay?
  • A few days
 Would you recommend this destination?
  • You Bet’cha!
Tell us a quick story about your travels…

Stayed at Khao Sok Island Resort and Spa run by Khun Rattana! Great Thai Cuisine at local prices. Hit with bed, mosquito net and bath. No pressure to take tours. We did the day long Cave expedition! Not to be missed! Then hiked the National Park to one of many falls! Dee Maak Maak!

FYI: the National Park does close during rainy season. We went during “Maycation” and it was perfect! NOT CROWDED at all!

Entire 3 night trip cost: $USD 160


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