DIY: Simple Iced Coffee

Amber Montgomery, 127 YinD


Thank you Annie Grayson (YinD 127) for helping me simplify this recipe! 🙂

So lets begin with how to brew our Iced Coffee.  The reason that I find this important is because I am a coffee and tea drinker in the mornings, but I found that my hot beverages were just making me sweat profusely before I was even ready to start my day, and adding any amount of ice only diluted the flavor!

So, I remembered that it would be easy to brew some high concentrated coffee, put it in the fridge to cool, and then have a surplus of my morning beverage that could last me the entire week! (Depending on how much you make at one time).

What you will need: a refrigerator, a strainer (such as a coffee filter, sock, or hanky), a sealable container to hold your concentrated brewed coffee, ice, and then a glass to enjoy!

MEASUREMENT: Everyone’s taste buds are different so you may have to adjust to your personal coffee desire.  (I believe my cup is about 16oz and I use about 4 spoonfuls of coffee grounds.)

MIX: In your sealable container mix coffee grounds and water and then stir.  (I used water from my hot water kettle but room temperature water is fine as well.)

LET STAND: You will want to leave your coffee undisturbed for approximately 24 hours (do not refrigerate yet).

 FILTER and REFRIGERATE: After letting the coffee sit for approximately 24 hours, its time to filter out the grounds.  This is when you will use your filter of choice (sock, hanky, coffee filter) pour the coffee into another cup or sealable container through your filter to remove any loose grounds.  Now its time to pour over ice and drink, or refrigerate and drink at any time!

SAVE: Any unused remaining cold brew will keep for approximately 2 weeks if refrigerated, so ENJOY!!

Thanks for taking the time to read! I hope you find enjoyment with this recipe and with your time at site ☺ Much love, Amber

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