Why the Thailand Heat is the Worst // A Health Guide

Ty Miranda, 127 YinD


It’s here. The sweating, the burning, the restless sleep … yes, I can say that we are definitely in the hot season. During this part of the year, I am reminded that Thailand is hot. I know this is stupid, but it is easy to forget after I wore a sweater to work in January. Surviving the heat can be tricky and it is easy to lose focus on your health during this time. Below is a handy guide to help.

1. Why the hell would I exercise when it’s this hot?

It is dreadful to exercise when it is hot. The heat can cause people to lose focus on their training schedules or fitness goals. If you are feeling too overheated to exercise, then don’t. You do not need to run 10 miles at 3:00 in the afternoon to prove that you are strong because mother nature will win every time. Instead, try to exercise in the early mornings or the late afternoons. When you feel your body pushing too hard, hold back.

2. Why wouldn’t I drink an ice cold soda on a hot day?


I know it may seem tempting to stop at your local market and pick up a cold can of coke to “refresh” yourself. However, this is an unhealthy choice. Drinks like soda, juice, and teas often have a lot of sugar, especially the ones in Thailand. Instead, try to stick with water or dilute common sports drinks. That way, you can get rehydrated without the excess calories and sugar intake.

3. Why would I ever leave my house to go outside?

When it is hot and humid, it can be a challenge to leave your house on the weekends. Most of us just want to stay inside, lay naked covered in prickly heat in front of a fan, but, this could have a negative impact on your mental status. Instead, try to find places with air conditioning or events that are happening in cooler locations. Try not to isolate yourself because of the exhaustion the heat may cause.

4. Biking? Ha, I can barely walk to my bathroom without sweating.


But, Ty, how can I get anywhere when I have to bike 10 miles to the local coffee shop? Trust me, I understand. Biking places can be a real challenge in the hot weather. I recommend freezing water bottles to take with you. Also wearing sunscreen, using a cooling cloth, or avoiding black topped roads can help with biking in the heat. If you are biking and feel overheated, pull over at a market and drink some water or eat a snack before continuing.

5. How can I eat when it’s so hot?

This is my problem, too. When it’s this hot, all I want to do is eat cereal and everything cold in my fridge. The last thing I want is noodles or vegetable stir fry, or Thai food in general. It is understandable. Try to stock on veggies and fruit to eat during the day when you’re hungry but aren’t interested in the local cuisine. Instead of binging on ice coffee or tea, try to make homemade limeade or cucumber water. Thinking of food options in advanced will allow you to be prepared when the hunger comes. Remember, an average person needs 1200-2000 calories a day.


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