Why Running in Thailand is the Worst

Ty Miranda, 127 YinD

Sometimes, or more than sometimes, running can be awful. On top of that, running in Thailand can be even worse because of the obstacles you may face while trying to exercise. But, it’s not all for the worst. Check out these 10 reasons why running in Thailand is the worst … or maybe not the worst.

  1. It’s hot as balls.


  1. There are dogs who like to push you to run faster. Also known as, “Encouragement dogs.”



  1. People think you are really strange for running. Like, seriously, why are you running?



  1. You have to be somewhat Riap Roy when you run.



  1. Running kinda sucks at first. Or for a while… or for like 8 months.



  1. But, then your community starts to get interested in your running activities.



  1. You find ways to cheat the weather or you become able to handle the heat.



  1. You sign up for really cheap races in Thailand because WHY NOT!?



  1.  Running starts to become fun …. Eventually.



  1. You find a group of awesome PCVs who like running and they are inspiring!



For more inspiration, check out our PCV Thailand Facebook group and the Running Wiki Page.

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