Have You Eaten Sticky Rice Yet?

Have You Eaten Yet?

Peace Corps service has brought clarity to the lives of many a Volunteer. Incidentally, it has raised more questions than it has answered for the rest of us. After a year of service, at least one thing is abundantly clear. Sticky rice is undeniably tasty. If there is a more perfect combination than grilled chicken, sôm tam, and a glucose-packed ball of the stickiness, then I’m unaware. Then again, maybe I’ve been in the Isaan too long. Smash it into a bamboo shoot with some coconut milk and grill it. Wam bam! kâao-lăam. Crack an egg over it and cook it like a burger patty. Woo wee! Kâao jìi. Try it with ripe mango, jackfruit or your tropical fruit of choice. That makes it healthy, right? My host mom stuffs sugary tamarind paste into buns which she crafts out of the Godly carb. I call it a saa-laa-kâao. Dip a wad of rice in some nám prík and shove that in your mouth. Repeat tens of times and then sit back and enjoy the sweet, sweet bloated coma. And now there’s a different kind of Sticky Rice pairing to get excited about. The PCV Podcast, Have You Eaten Yet?, has combined forces with the PCTM // Sticky Rice team and will forevermore post content through your favorite online newspaper, now that Al Jazeera America is closing shop, anyway.

Who We Are

Have You Eaten Yet? was started in 2014 by J.M. Ascienzo and Dan Rudolph of PCV group 124 as a Peace Corps third goal project. Stephen Henry and John Carlson of 126 took over the podcast last year and have since started working with Ty Miranda and Ross Rinehart of 127. We seek to, “promote a better understanding of [Thais] on the part of Americans” by presenting stories about how current Volunteers work and live in their respective communities. HYEY? is a way for anyone to explore the diversity and uniqueness of Thailand through the PCV lens.

How You Can Contribute

HYEY? is always evolving and working to shed light on different aspects of Thai culture and Volunteer experiences. We want to incorporate as many voices from YinD and TCCS as possible. You understand what makes your region, community, school, neighbors and individual perspective interesting. Share it with us!

HYEY? uses a video format. We always love seeing your faces, but if you want to send an audio recording instead we would be thrilled to share your story anyway. Up to you! We will continue to post requests for submissions on upcoming topics. We are grateful for any flavor you can add to the pot. Now, head to the HYEY? tab for our latest tasty treat!

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