PCV Committees in Thailand

Carissa Sutter, 126, with submitted information from Volunteer committees and Peace Corps Staff.

What is a Peace Corps Committee?
The purpose of committees in Peace Corps is widely varied and can be country-specific. In Thailand there are committees that exist to foster a spirit of Volunteer-and-community collaboration, gather and disseminate resources, and/or conduct project activities in important areas. There are also committees that support Volunteers by providing a wide range of technical, informational, and/or emotional support. The members of these committees are your “expert” peers who can assist with projects at site and provide feedback to Peace Corps.

The reliance on committees is necessary and even vital to the success of a Volunteer during their service because they each provide a specific support for the individual – giving lone Volunteers the tools they need to accomplish a great number of goals.

Staff Liaison
Each committee has a Peace Corps Thailand staff liaison who is the key contact person for the group.  The staff liaison provides guidance and technical support and helps to research issues and resources relevant to groups’ activities.   S/he also helps to identify and develop a network with local and international organizations implementing programs in the specific initiative area.  The staff liaison attends group meetings when possible (or designates a staff alternate) and helps to coordinate the communication of group activities with PC Thailand staff and Volunteers.

The 1-Committee Rule
In order to provide opportunities to as many interested Volunteers as possible and minimize time away from their communities, Volunteers can be a representative/member of ONLY ONE committee at one time unless there has been a special exception. They can still participate in committee activities and special workshops, but they generally can only be a member of one.

Peace Corps Global Initiative
Some committees are supported by Peace Corps funds because they contribute to the strategic goals of Peace Corps, globally. These committees develop annual plans that include activities which help Volunteers integrate these themes into their work.

These strategic committees are:

  • Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment (GenEq)*
  • Volunteerism (V2)
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)
  • Technology for Development (T4D)

*GenEq is an umbrella term that encompasses Peace Corps Thailand’s commitment to gender equality.


Peace Corps Thailand Volunteer Committee Descriptions

We have gathered information from each committee that is active at this time (2016), and provided basic information which should help new PCVs decide which committee is most appropriate for them. The Volunteers on these committees are always available to respond to questions that current PCVs have, so don’t be shy! You can find member lists on secure pages on the Wiki under “PCV Resource Groups”.

The information listed below is not all-inclusive, but there are a few external links in the title and within each description which lead to articles, webpages, and videos that should help clarify the purpose of each committee. Use these links to learn more, and/or use the secure pages on the Wiki to review specific documents available on individual committee pages.

This is a commitment that many Volunteers describe as incredibly important to their experience in Thailand.  It is definitely an experience you don’t want to miss – no matter which committee you choose.

Once you decide on committees that suit your experience and interests, you can find their individual committee applications available on the internal Wiki. After swearing-in as official Peace Corps Volunteers you can officially apply to join committees any time up to the June 18th deadline. New members will be announced at your Reconnect conference in July.

Committee Name: Peace Corps Thailand Magazine – Sticky Rice
Staff Liaison: CD Howard Williams

Goal, in one sentence: To provide PCVs a supportive outlet to share their Peace Corps experiences in Thailand while meeting Peace Corps’ Third Goal.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand and the general public.
Created in: Publication created in 1966, renamed “Sticky Rice” in 1977, online in 2015.
1-Committee Limit: Senior and junior editors (hereafter called “editors”) follow the 1-Committee limit. Staff writers, the public relations officer, and other staff positions have a special exception to the 1-Committee rule.
Job Description of committee positions:
Editors: edit assigned articles (about 1 a quarter/every threeHome Page 2016 months) and submit at least one article per quarter. Also must participate in the judging of the annual photo contest, join our annual staff meeting, and are encouraged to participate in our regular online staff discussions.

Staff writers: must submit at least one article per quarter and are encouraged to participate in our staff discussions.

Public relations officer: sends out bi-weekly (or more) announcements on Facebook and bi-monthly announcements through email, and is encouraged to participate in our staff discussions.

Events editor: updates our events calendar on a monthly basis and is encouraged to participate in our staff discussions.

*All members must have access to the internet and have an email account.

How to join:
Fill out our application during our annual springtime selection process.
Experience: Staff members need some level of writing experience, as well as basic computer skills, and will be required to submit a writing sample. Grammar skills are a must for editors, who must have some experience editing.
Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: N/A
Must be available: Annual editor’s meeting sometime between Aug-Dec, mandatory only for editors but open to all staff. Meeting date and time will be decided by the group. Annual contest in January, judged online, also only mandatory for editors – but not time consuming.

Committee Name: Peace Corps Thailand Volunteer Advisory Council (VAC)
Staff Liaison: CD Howard Williams

Goal, in one sentence: To support Volunteers in voicing their needs and concerns by serving as a liaison with PC Thailand staff.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand.
Created in: 1975
1-Committee Limit: Yes.
Job Description of committee positions:
TCCS/YinD VAC Representatives: send e-mails to their constituents in their respective groups and programs to inquire what they’d like to have addressed at the quarterly meeting.  VAC members advocate for viable changes to PC Thailand policies and practices and work with both staff and other PCVs to affect that change.
How to join: Submit your name for nomination at the session at the end of PST and the people in your program will vote for two representatives. Committee members are peer-selected; two representatives from each program area (i.e, YinD and TCCS) within each group (currently Group 126, 127), with one representative from the extending group (i.e. 125).
Experience: No experience required.
Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: N/A
Must be available: There are quarterly meetings in Bangkok.

Committee Name: Thai Youth Theater (TYT)
Staff Liaison:   Khun Chaturon

Goal, in one sentence: The TYT Project aims to provide students with opportunities for improving skills in the areas of creative and critical thinking, English language, business, artistic design, effective leadership, public speaking and presentation, community and peer cooperation through the art of theater.
Who it serves: Thai students.
Created in: 2004
1-Committee Limit:  Yes.
Job Description of committee positions:
Each position has a director who is in their second year of service and a deputy director who is in their first year.

Public Relations: marketing, web design, social media, recruitment
Creative Affairs: performing arts, theater education, camp organization, stage management
Administrative Affairs: Fundraising, Budgeting, Logistics, Project Management

How to join: Fill out our application which will be followed by a phone interview with a current committee member during our annual selection process.
Experience: Some knowledge of the skills in your interested position is beneficial but a desire to learn is more important!
Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: TYT Festival (3 days, usually in Feb or March)
Must be available: For 2 meetings a year, one after the selection process and another before the festival, as well as the festival. Most of our business is conducted through e-mail and must be willing to work on the project while at site.

Committee Name:T4D /Technology4 Development
Staff Liaison:   Khun Sumonsak and M&E Specialist
*Peace Corps Global Initiative Committee*

Goal, in one sentence:T4D was created to aid and support T4DPCVs, committees, and staff with technical issues such as troubleshooting computers and utilizing the Wiki on (which we maintain); while looking for new ways to use technology to educate Volunteers’ Thai students and their communities.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand
Created in: 2006
1-Committee Limit: Yes.
Job Description:Maintain the wiki at, contribute technical advice to Volunteer discussions, remain available for individual technical assistance, maintain the email lists for groups and committees, brainstorm technical support workshops and lessons for Thai Youth.
How to join: Fill out our application (a short essay on why you want to be on the T4D committee) during our annual springtime selection process.
Experience:We make the magic happen behind the curtain. We are tech nerds and are looking for those with computer/IT/web skills and/or interest. Applicants must have basic computer skills and access to the internet.
Official Peace Corps Training:N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: The “Hour of Code” event: Kids and teachers have fun learning to code for the first time with no experience needed during a to-be-announced week in December. This will mark the first year that we participate as a group in this established worldwide event.
Must be available:Members are asked to be available in December, but it isn’t an absolute “must.” We are a flexible and relaxed team – Sabai Sabai!

Committee Name: Peace Corps Thailand Project Review Committee
Staff Liaison:    DPT Kathryn Goldman

Goal, in one sentence: To assist PCVs with obtaining funds for projects through Peace Corps grants.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand.
Created in: 2011
1-Committee Limit: Yes.
Job Description of committee positions:

Marketing and Communication Specialists: 

  • In charge of email blasts
  • Marketing/ awareness
  • PDM outreach
  • T4D liaison
  • Upload/ maintain wiki

Grant Managers:

  • Document in country and outside funds
  • Track and document funding sources before and after project completion
  • Manage grant applications and monitor submitted application progress
  • Create spreadsheet (for available grants)
  • Creates Approved Funding Chart
  • Create/ edits informational documents
  • Spreadsheet of applications the PRC member is currently heading

Research and Development Liaison:

  • Communicate with PC staff
  • Communicate with third parties (outside grantors)
  • Review/update list and contacts of past sources
  • Vet out old grants
  • Coordinates with other PRC members
  • Develop training materials & PCV Resource List

How to join: Fill out our application during our annual selection process.

Experience: Grant managers should have some grant writing experience.

Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: Project Design Management Workshop (usually in
Must be available: All positions should have reliable access to internet to be able to communicate with Volunteers. Grant managers can expect to spend about 2 hours per week reviewing grants. There are 4 PRC meetings a year-once per quarter.

Committee Name: Sexual Reproductive Health Committee (SRH)
Staff Liaison   Kathryn Goldman
*Peace Corps Global Initiative Committee*

Goal, in one sentence: Supporting Peace Corps Thailand Volunteers with sexual reproductive health education and activities for Thai Youth.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand.
Created in: 2011 as an HIV awareness committee, restructured as SRH in 2015.
1-Committee Limit: Yes.
Job Description of committee positions: Committee members will contribute to ongoing projects like Reconnect’s reproductive health training and World Aids Day activities. Committee members will also create resources to further assist PCVs at site.
How to join: Fill out our application during our annual selection process.
Experience: Experience teaching or working with sexual reproductive health is favorable, but anyone is welcome to apply.
Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: Reconnect’s reproductive health training segment.
Must be available: Periodic meetings to discuss large scale projects and Reconnect (normally held in July).

Committee Name: Gender and Development Committee, GAD
Staff Liaison:   Khun Krongkaew
*Peace Corps Global Initiative Committee*

Goal, in two sentences: GAD’s mission is to assist Peace Corps Thailand’s communities by promoting gender empowerment equality for all persons including: youth, men, women, disabled individuals, and the elderly. We help to educate other Volunteers, compile and distribute resources, and provide support for gender-related projects.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand, Thai Counterparts, global GAD community.
Created in: 2011
1-Committee Limit: Yes.
Job Description of committee positions:
GAD committee accepts three new group members per year.  We work as a team by tackling annual projects as well as initiatives that come up as new groups create a unique focus.

All GAD members are expected to add to the GAD wiki on a rolling basis items such as: lesson plans, camp blueprints, information, power-points, or any other created material related to the furtherance of gender equality and diversity awareness of all people.  GAD members are also a large part of the PC Thailand Student Friendly Schools initiative.  They are supporters of the SFS staff team and help at the yearly training which is mandatory for all TCCS Volunteers. After SFS training, GAD supports Volunteers carry out their work-plan, and can be available for mini-project implementation.  Moving forward, GAD members are expected to be aware of international and national initiatives from PC headquarters, the UN, Human Rights Watch, and other INGOs that are raising global awareness to promote a safer, more equal world without discrimination based on gender or diversity.  With this awareness, GAD members will plan and calendar events that correspond-connecting other PC country GAD committees as well, to truly support a global movement.

How to join: Fill out our application during our annual selection process
Experience: Volunteers with previous experience in gender and diversity related positions are preferred.
Official Peace Corps Training: For previous GAD groups, headquarters has come to train committee members on curriculum related to SFS; perhaps the same will occur with the growing Let Girls Learn initiative
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: Student Friendly Schools workshop, GAD camp
Must be available: Most of the month of October for SFS

Committee Name: Peer Support and Diversity Network Staff Liaison:   PCMOs and DPT

Goal, in one sentence: PSDN members provide, with integrity and confidentiality, a supportive, non-judgmental, and safe environment that will endure and evolve to meet the diverse needs of every Volunteer. PSDN also organizes different forums and strategies to support Volunteers from under-represented or minority groups.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand
Created in: 2012
1-Committee Limit: Yes.
Job Description of committee positions: 

  1. Outreach Coordinator: Creates and helps implement various PSDN outreach activities. Such as creative peer PCV encouragement, snail mail, care packages, check-up calls, etc. While every member on PSDN serves to create a safe and supportive environment for all Volunteers (and will be responsible for calls and such), the outreach coordinator will be responsible for making sure outreach happens and to work with the team in establishing creative outreach methods; e.g. Secret Santa through Elfster, regular mailings on calendar, etc.
  1. Wellness Resource Manager:  Lead on accumulating helpful self-care and coping resources ranging from fun to support during crisis. Consistently asks for input from other Volunteers and staff/medical staff. Coordinates with emails, Wiki, Sticky Rice, VAC and other venues to encourage participation and distribution of materials. Manages email topics and provides relevant resources.
  1. Administrative Coordinator:  Supports PSDN on an administrative basis, such as organizing the Google drive, being the lead on coordinating conference calls, organizing call lists and mailing lists etc. While every member on PSDN serves to support Volunteers, the administrative coordinator will help make sure outreach is done in a coordinated and smooth way. Also manages finances and record-keeping tasks.
  1. Data Coordinator: This position is responsible for collecting data for the purposes of evaluating and improving PSDN  and system supports through Peace Corps (such as coordinating with VAC and/or medical staff) to serve the PCV Thailand community. This includes the development and distribution of surveys as well as collecting the data to be analyzed and summarized.  Data will be collected in an anonymous method to respect the confidentiality of participants, unless otherwise explicitly discussed with the participating individual, and only used when the identity of participants can remain anonymous to improve wider systemic improvements.

*can be combined with Admin if only 4 roles

  1. Diversity Outreach Coordinator
    -Helps identify the needs of under-represented groups of PCVs
    -Helps organize forums, online communities, networks or in-person meetings for under-represented groups such as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, 50+PCVs, LGBT or others as needed.
    -Helps under-represented Volunteers create the support systems they need and helps ensure that their unique concerns are shared with PC staff
  1. 3rd Year Representative and Primary Staff Liaison
    -Represents 3rd years’ voice
    -Primary contact with staff and medical team for systemic coordination

All members:

-Send emails twice a month on rotating basis and are responsible for checking emails during the month they are sending emails.  Recurring theme of emails should be “how to support the supporter” (making Volunteers feel like they can support friends that reach out).
-Members will be present at meetings/trainings as they arise.

How to join:  Each group nominates individuals they think would be a good fit and there will be a vote at Reconnect.
Experience: No experience necessary! Many members do have social work training, but really all you need is an open mind, listening ear, and caring heart.
Official Peace Corps Training: PSDN members have a yearly training in conjunction with the medical team.
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: N/A
Must be available: Must be available for the yearly training, typically held in August, but it is flexible to meet Volunteer and staff needs. Members are expected to be available for Volunteers as needed, willing to listen and offer referrals to staff or medical. In addition, there are quarterly meetings in Bangkok, again flexible to meet the needs of Volunteers and staff. In addition, responsibilities include being available for support via phone or Internet, biannual check in calls to Volunteers, weekly emails (done on a rotating basis!), occasional presence at training events, and confidential site visits upon request and approval by PC staff.

Committee Name: Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) and BROS (Boys Respecting Others and Self) 
Staff Liaison:   Khun Krongkaew
*Peace Corps Global Initiative Committee*

Goal, in one sentence: the purpose of Camp GLOW is to encourage and empower young women and men to become active citizens by building their self esteem and confidence, increasing their self awareness, and developing their skills in goal setting, assertiveness, and career and life planning.
Who it serves: Youth in Thailand
Created in: Camp GLOW was founded in 1995 but the camp was first held in Thailand in 2013. Camp BROS was added this past year in Thailand.
1-Committee Limit: No.
Job Description of committee positions:  There are no official committee roles, but all committee members will be involved in curriculum writing, camp logistics, and raising funds to support the camps.

We are looking to shift from one large camp to smaller, regional camps, so committee me members must be motivated, with the time and energy to devote to an evolving committee.

How to join:  We open the application process in January for Volunteers who have been in-country for one year; historically, only one group at a time serves on the committee. This may change and evolve as the camp grows.
Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: N/A
Must be available: The current goal for 2016-2017 is to have four regional camps: North, South, Central, and Issan. Committee members must be available to join these four camps, but the dates are flexible to committee member’s schedules.

Committee Name: Have You Eaten Yet?
Staff Liaison:  CD Howard Williams

Goal, in one sentence: Peace Corps’ Third Goal: To promote a better understanding of other peoples
on the part of Americans.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand, families of PCVs, and interested parties.
Created in: Podcast created in 2014 by J.M. Ascienzo and Dan Rudolph of PCV group 124.
1-Committee Limit: We don’t mind double-dipping. (No)
Job Description of committee positions:
Weaver of Tales: We all pitch ideas, solicit PCV submissions, and edit videos/audio.
How to join: Apply
Experience: You don’t need any prior experience, just creativity and a desire to tell stories. We use Audacity to clean up audio, but the basics are fairly easy to learn. Video/audio editing and graphic design experience are always a plus.
Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: N/A
Must be available: N/A


Committee Name: V2 (Volunteerism Committee)
Staff Liaison:  Kulpipit
*Peace Corps Global Initiative Committee*

Goal, in one sentence: 
V2 provides training, resources and ongoing support for Thailand PCVs in regards to service learning and/or Volunteer-related projects.
Who it serves: PCVs in Thailand
Created in:  May 2015
1-Committee Limit: Yes
Job Description of committee positions:
President/Co President– Leads the V2 committee and assists with any planning, approvals or decision making the committee needs.

Financial Planning Adviser– Assists PCVs with basic community service funding information or ideas (fundraising, grants, etc.) and directs to appropriate resource (for example VAC).

 TCCS Community Project Adviser– Handles TCCS specific community services questions and inquires. YinD Community Project Adviser- Handles YinD specific community services questions and inquires.

Director of Program Management– Assists PCVs with any internal or general volunteer questions.

Marketing and Outreach– Assists PCVs with outside volunteer opportunities and/or questions.

How to join: Fill out our application during our annual springtime selection process.
Qualifications for a new candidate include:
• Previous volunteer experience
• Experience or expertise in one of the main committee areas
• Dedication to the mission of this committee

Official Peace Corps Training: N/A
Committee camps/Volunteer Workshops: Mid-service V2 Training Workshop for PCVs.
Must be available:

Two annual Peace Corps Office meetings:
• An introduction meeting to welcome in new members. (@April)
• Mid-service preparation meeting and thank you to COS members. (@Jan)

The mid-service training workshop. (@April)

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