February Yoga Challenge

Attention PCVs

Join Sticky Rice in our

.:February Yoga Challenge:.


As we bring in the new year, many of us set health related New Years Resolutions. As we are all well aware of, a healthy lifestyle is difficult to maintain here, but we, at Sticky Rice, have the tools and the fantastic staff willing to help! Do you want that rockin’ bod you’ve always dreamed of? Do you want to feel stronger physically and mentally? What am I even asking for, of course you do or else you wouldn’t be reading this! Well, you are a short months Yoga challenge away from stepping towards your goals! All it takes is a little time, dedication and a simple log into the Peace Corps Thailand Magazine website and joining our event on Facebook. I know right, it’s so easy!

Still not convinced?…Tough Crowd.

Here are 5 great reasons to join our February Yoga Challenge!

1. Yoga is a great stress reliever: Ever done yoga before? If not, that’s OK! Yoga is for anyone and everyone. For those who have tried the practice before, you know that yoga gives individuals a great sense of calm after a long day of speaking Thai and trying to co-teach English and Life Skills. It is a fantastic way to relax your body and focus your mind on only your breathing. With a daily practice, science says that participants are found to be totally chill and all like ‘mai me bpen ha’.


2. Gain a greater sense of PCV community: A wonderful way to connect more with your fellow Volunteers is to participate in a challenge such as this! You can connect with people you may have not spoken to before and encourage others to keep it up! With our event, Volunteers can also share anything they learn with Thai counterparts and friends who would be interested in yoga practice, therefore spreading wellness and love. Doesn’t that sound nice?

3. Yoga helps with digestion: So you’ve been eating rice three times a day for months on end. Your body has had enough but you keep on keepin’ on. I mean, I am so proud of you and your stomach for handling whatever insect or raw bloody concoction is thrown at you; but give your digestive system a little tender love and care, would ya? Yoga is just the thing to help your insides regulate and feel better after all that abuse you put it through breakfast, lunch, and dinner…not to mention those trips to BKK…

4. Get better sleep: It is totally proven that yoga before bed time can result in a better nights sleep. A good stretch at the end of the day, simple breathing exercises, and unwinding with our favorite positions—child’s pose and shavasana. Who wouldn’t fall into a Sleeping Beauty-like slumber after that? I mean, you won’t need to be kissed to wake up the next morning, but boy will you feel refreshed and rearing to go!

5. A sense of accomplishment: Completing anything in life results in a sense of accomplishment, but sometimes, in situations like that which we find ourselves- where everyday is questionable and our goals may or may not be attained; it is in our best interest to complete something just for us. After a months time, you may see drastic changes in your mood, flexibility, focus, and that fabulous body of yours. This is the beginning of a grand adventure towards self-love and a great 2016!


So join us!

Find our February Yoga Challenge event articles and poses in the Healthy Living section on Sticky Rice and on our Facebook page. Invite your friends to be apart of this wonderful, growing and strengthening experience and be sure to ‘like’ the Sticky Rice Magazine.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to contact us at We look forward to seeing your results!

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