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Make 2016 the Fittest Yet!

Ty Miranda, 126


Yes, this is so stereotypical. There must be tons and tons of articles being published about staying active, losing weight, and keeping those New Year’s resolutions. But I’m not here to say those things. I’m here to give you some advice on how to make your Peace Corps experience in 2016 a little fitter in the absolute easiest way possible.

  1. Don’t concentrate on 2015

It’s really easy to look at 2015 and note all the negative things that happened in regards to your fitness. “I really fell off the running bandwagon” or “I can’t believe I can’t bike up those hills anymore, I used to be able to.” Leave those behind because it’s 2016. Do you see Brittany Spears looking back at 2007 or Leonardo DiCaprio looking back at all those years he didn’t win an Oscar? My answer, probably not the most correct, is NO. So FullSizeRender (8)stop it. Get some confidence back and get back in the game. Who needs 2015 when you have 2016!


  1. Make a plan

Don’t say, “It’s all in my head,” because it’s not. If it’s all in your head, one day’s plan can go from biking 10 miles to watching Netflix for 10 hours. Try writing down your fitness schedule, day by day, so that you become accountable. Writing down when you are going to exercise and when you are going to rest will help you stay on target.


  1. Find something you enjoy

If you hate running, why the hell are you doing it? The best advice is to find an activity you enjoy, that way you are able to keep it up. Don’t like biking, try some soccer. Don’t like yoga, try zumba. The possibilities are really up to you. Why not find some friends in your town to exercise with, that way you all can enjoy something together.


  1. Rewards don’t have to be food

Since coming to Thailand, I have mainly been getting into running and yoga. While on holiday in America, I splurged
and bought a really fancy yoga mat that I have wanted. Now, I can’t wait to get up in the morning and do yoga on my fancy mat. *Cue the eye rolls.* But actually, using things other than food as a reward really works. Did you finish a half marathon recently or maybe bike 50 miles? Why not reward yourself with some fancy exercise clothes or a new light for your bike? Rewarding yourself with things that are going to drive your passion will really keep you on your game.


  1. Talk about it

Getting fit is tough. Trust me, after a nine day stint in physical therapy for a running injury, I know. But the best part was talking about it with my close PCV friends. Find the people who are encouraging and who want to cheer you on. Also find those people who are going to pick you up when you fall down. The point is, just talking about your progress will keep you on track. It may also motivate other people. When I was down in the dumps about my injury, I had a long tearful conversation with PCV Julie. Afterwards, she told me that she got her tennis shoes and went for a
jog because I inspired her. She said, “if Ty can run a half marathon with an injury, why can’t I!” This made me want to run even more. *Cue more eye rolls.* Basically, you can do it. Just get your butt moving!

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