Conquering the Mindless Internet Black Hole

Sometimes it’s a real struggle. I don’t mean a fake struggle, I mean sometimes I’m sitting at my computer so bored that I find myself endlessly scrolling through Facebook, just waiting for something new to come up. Other times, I’m reading every new article posted on CNN or maybe organizing my google calendar for the fifth time. This all got me thinking … there has to be more productive uses of my time, therefore I created a list. A list of things that can turn mindless Instagram stalking into productive brain cell boosting activities. Here are some ideas…

1. Geography Beast

Can you name all the countries in Africa? If you can’t, maybe you should spend some time working on your geography knowledge. Not only is it helpful to know where countries are in the world, but it also makes you sound like a badass in conversation. Not to mention that it also could earn you a lot of brownie points with your team during the next pub quiz night. Check out this site for some geography games:

2. Become a chef in thirty seconds

If you are really looking to impress some people at your next house party, check out Tasty videos on Facebook. These thirty second to one minute videos break down how to cook some awesome dishes without the worry of reading a Julia Child cookbook. How does “Jack O’ Lantern Chips And Dip” sound or even “Scallion Pizza Dough Pancakes”? The answer is awesome. Yea, I understand we are in Thailand and that I can’t just go to my market and pick up Velveeta and avocados, but a girl can dream.

3. Pandas. Full stop.

This doesn’t even need a clever introduction. Pandas are the answer to everything. Having a bad day? Watch some cute pandas. Did your students finally understand the directions to human knot? Watch some cute pandas. Did your best friend from home get engaged and the wedding is in a week? Watch some cute pandas. Basically, everything can end in cute pandas … unless the government shuts down … then you’re screwed.

4. PCV Struggles … to share

If you are feeling alone in your struggles of the day, check out this Tumblr account. It not only validates your own problems, but it also gives you a first hand look at what volunteers are struggling with across the world. From PST to COS, this website has all the juice about what PCVs really want to say. Check it out:

5. Random Knowledge Champ

Have you ever tried to name the 100 most common words in the English language? I mean we use these words everyday, but could you really name them all. Well, this is what Sporcle is here to do. Sporcle is here to endlessly waste your time by quizzing you on obscure and somewhat unhelpful topics. Some sample quizzes include naming the U.S. presidents or all the characters in the Harry Potter series. I mean, this stuff is good.

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